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Gaming Discussion / Arcade Game Studio...
« on: June 23, 2016, 02:33:58 pm »
Not romhacking related, but "retrogame" related...

I do not know if anyone here ever seen or used it, but I am finishing my second game using the "Arcade Game Studio" (ARGS), Bruno R. Marcos. The program is free, and more than a game engine it is a solution to make arcade style Ghouls and Ghosts, Bomberman, Commando, Horizontal or Vertical Shooters, without knowing a line of programming.

Not the most versatile of all programs, and it serves more to certain specific types of games, however, you see the results coming very fast. View results with little production time is something important for an amateur who has little time available.

Another thing that helps a lot is how to mount the stages. The assembly of tiles is simple and direct: you selects the tiles (16X16) on the tileset and past it on the stage. Then, you click and add 8X8 markers to define what is solid, platform, spikes, ladder, etc ... In the end, you have the option to plan the scenario (like in a normal production), or create the level design in real time by setting the trial and error (or at least, use this method to test).

The program came to light in 2012, so I wonder why so few games have been produced by this program... this is why I'm making an "advertising" of the program here. Speaking of advertising, I'm almost finishing my second game:

Soon, when the game is finalized, I will release the "source code" (actually the game's project files in ARGS) for those who want to use to learn how to work in the program, or use graphics and sounds I've created in your ow projects.

Personal Projects / Megaman 1 Nes Redux (big Graphical hack)
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:55:20 am »
This is my first entry. (Sorry moderators, now I se this is not a release sub-forum, can you move this post to the right place? What should I do?) (Ok, now that I'm receaving some good sugestions and criticism I'll delay the finalization o the hack and release it after some alterarions)

Mega Man 1 Nes - Graphical Redux by Amaweks.
What began with a simple mockup ended as a extensive graphical hack.

The intention was to make the stages graphically more colorful, less monotones, and change the "anime" pixel art style sprites to a shaded type.


- Almost all the tiles and sprites have been redesigned in new pixel art style (from "anime" stile to a shaded style)
- Almost all the color palettes were changed to pair with the new pixelart style, to make the most colorful and harmonious stages
- Where there was space have added new graphics in stages (clouds, fences, pipes, etc), with the aim of making them more detailed

How to apply the patch:

Use the program to your preference (like Lunar IPS) and apply to the Rom "Mega Man (USA).NES"

Programs used in this hack:

- FCEUX (Nes Emulator with PPUview, Hex Editor)
- Tile Layer Pro (Graphical tile editor)
- Rock and Roll (Mega Man 1 stages editor)


Use the patch at your own risk, and have fun.


More images









IPS file Redux IPS by

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