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Now that user emerilfyer released those MMZ4 patches, I could combine them and make them compatible with the Spanish Translation, but there are few things to do.

Progress so far:

Megaman Zero (USA, EUR)
+Blood Patched, Spanish Translated by Stresslation.
-Restore back the Inti Creates logo, and put Stresslation signature in the Nintendo portion of the Capcom logo.

I kinda suck at this, but it worked.

Megaman Zero 2 (USA)
+Blood Patched, Spanish Translated by DaRKWiZaRDX.
-Put DaRKWiZaRDX signature in the Nintendo portion of the Capcom logo.

Megaman Zero 3 (EUR)
+Fixed Logo, Spanish Translated by DaRKWiZaRDX.
-Put DaRKWiZaRDX signature in the Nintendo portion of the Capcom logo.
-Search for the Blood Patch for the EUR version.

Megaman Zero 4 (EUR)
+Fixed Logo, Blood Patched, Voices On, Spanish Translated by Lukas Traducciones.
-Edit Offsets for the intro text.
-Put Lukas Traducciones signature in the Nintendo portion of the Capcom logo.

Newcomer's Board / Mortal Kombat 3: Redux
« on: September 12, 2018, 10:55:37 am »
Well, learning from user rainponcho's notes, I managed to relocate every BGM in its correct stage (thus realizing the UMK3 SNES port was lazy as hell).

Things already done:
The Balcony has now The Pit III BGMs.
The Belltower has now The Rooftop BGMs.
Story, Bios, Main Menu and Options no longer have the Title Screen BGM.
(They have the assigned ones from UMK3 Redux)

Things to do:
I can't find the ending and credits sequence.
Anyone that teaches me how to find BGM pointers in SNES, reply.

(What is the program that gives these results?)
Shao Khan dead1
$81/ED1C A9 24 00    LDA #$0024              A:FFFF X:0018 Y:0018 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:eNvmxdizc HC:1010 VC:158 FC:33 I:00
$81/ED1F 22 AB FE 84 JSL $84FEAB[$84:FEAB]   A:0024 X:0018 Y:0018 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdizc HC:1034 VC:158 FC:33 I:00

Shao Khan dead2
$81/F01E A9 25 00    LDA #$0025              A:F01D X:6553 Y:0002 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:eNvmxdizc HC:1284 VC:023 FC:00 I:00
$81/F021 22 AB FE 84 JSL $84FEAB[$84:FEAB]   A:0025 X:6553 Y:0002 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdizc HC:1308 VC:023 FC:00 I:00

$81/F365 A9 00 00    LDA #$0000              A:0001 X:0000 Y:0001 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdIzc HC:1158 VC:171 FC:34 I:00
$81/F368 22 AB FE 84 JSL $84FEAB[$84:FEAB]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0001 D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdIZc HC:1182 VC:171 FC:34 I:00

5a6c1 = 14h = game cast??

credits ??
$81/F584 A9 00 00    LDA #$0000              A:0800 X:0800 Y:083A D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdizc HC:0824 VC:258 FC:18 I:00
$81/F587 22 AB FE 84 JSL $84FEAB[$84:FEAB]   A:0000 X:0800 Y:083A D:0300 DB:7E S:1FFC P:envmxdiZc HC:0848 VC:258 FC:18 I:00

Newcomer's Board / SMB3: Overseas Damage System.
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:08:01 pm »
I saw many hacks of SMB3 who apply the japanese HP system: Everything > Small Mario.

How can I revert that? A few hacks are way too hard when you have 2 damage points instead of 3.

Newcomer's Board / Sound and SFX addresses for Contra Advance.
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:25:54 pm »
Looking to the GBA port of Contra, I noticed the detah cries of heroes and enemies (the mooks of Stage 4, more precisely) are swapped from the original SNES version.

Hero: "WOOOH!!"
Mook: "OOOAH!!"

(I present this video as evidence, circa 1:23 mook cries, 2:19 hero cry)

Hero: "OOOAH!!"
Mook: "WOOOH!!"

(Proof of that in this video, starting at 1:10)

I wanna fix that (for all regions), but have no idea how. Any suggestions?

Personal Projects / [SNES] Captain Commando: Arcade Edition
« on: June 21, 2018, 11:43:53 am »
Here's a preview of a simple project.

Started as a simple name restore, also with little details to differentiate one region from another. (NOTE: Don't ever bring the "Genocide" name. I'm fine with the localized name, thank you.)

European version will have the term "earned" instead of "gets", just to making it close to the "World" version. (That one is what started my love for this game.)

(Hum. I played the PAL version just to take screenshots, but it's the first time ever I've cleared the game without losing a life.)

For those who wonder about the blue colors: Yes, The USA version is compatible with Proteunerd's color restore. He's properly credited, although I don't know how to do it in the other regions.

Thing is, I want to apply those colors for every region. but I'm stuck. Recently I found out Proteunerd joined RH, but I can't find him! Also there's a little detail I want to add:

Disable the BG1 layer in the Score Ranking screen.

There's another problem regarding the Star animation in the continue screen: it's gone. Proteunerd says that's a issue with zsnes but works fine in other emus.

I want to fix that. Any help will be appreciated and credited.

Thanks, at least for reading this announcement/rant/plead for help/whatever this thing is.

Newcomer's Board / Street Fighter Alpha 3: Win portrait color edit
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:36:11 pm »
I want to edit Akuma/Gouki win screen colors and it's driving me nuts.

Here's the colors of regular Akuma, please note that they only change his hair color, regardless he changes his skin tone when he's in X-ISM and V-ISM.

Here's the Shin Akuma version. I'll let the A-ISM version intact, just for making more easy to distinguish regular from Shin:

(Please note that his X-ISM is wrong, using V-ISM of Regular Akuma)

I want to apply the colors displayed on his versus screen:

(Altough X-ISM kick skin colors of regular Akuma needs to be fixed too.)

I tried using APE, but the program can't find the rom address. What kind of compression uses? Am I doing something wrong?

NOTE: The palettes are in the BG scheme, and by so far I only edited them as sprites.

The ROMs I'm using are:
Street Fighter ZERO 3 Upper (J).gba
Street Fighter ALPHA 3 (U).gba
Street Fighter ALPHA 3 (E).gba

Thanks, at least for reading.

Newcomer's Board / Help with MK I & II for Mega Drive/Genesis.
« on: March 21, 2018, 05:47:57 pm »

I'm looking for someone to help me/teach me how to reassign music & BGM adresses.

The purpose is to apply the correct order in the SEGA ports of MKII, to make them as close as possible to the arcades.

Gaming Discussion / Hyper Street Fighter II: The Broken Edition
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:28:55 pm »

I want to share a video I saw this morning.

This japanese hacker, yumeji, made playable the WW versions of the Four Bosses. Still broken as hell, and simplified the Akuma selection (even gives him the opening portrait instead of the black silhouette!).

Thing is... I don't know how to patch(and run) this thing properly. Most emus crash loading this game.


I'm trying to do a light graphic patch for SMW, inserting Pixel-Gon Gamer & sonicmike2's Luigi ripped sprites from Super Mario Advance 2.

Now, the issue: using Lunar Magic and inserting the GFX files, I always end with a RED LUIGI.

There a way to make separated GFX blocks? Like Mario and Luigi having their separate sheets? I tried to add ExGFX sheets but that only crashes the game.

I'd appreciate some help.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Captain Commando: Enhanced Colors
« on: March 21, 2017, 11:44:54 am »
I contacted a month ago to an user in a Rom hacking forum in Brazil, he's working on restoring Capcom games to their arcade colors.

Currently he's working in a v1.1 of this patch. His works are top notch.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Submit an abandoned Patch.
« on: February 20, 2017, 07:38:23 pm »
So... looking at all the translations has received Super Mario Bros., I didn't saw a Spanish one.

In a games on line page, I found one Spanish translated ROM. I made an IPS based on that ROM.

Is it OK to submit it in this page? I'll give proper credit to the original hacker (or if I could contact him/her, ask permission to publish it here.)

Am I overthinking this too much?

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