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Personal Projects / Gil-Galad's ROM Hacking Projects
« on: July 28, 2011, 01:39:31 am »
Unfortunately, my old hacking page got nuked in thread pruning because I wasn't paying attention to it for awhile. But now, I'm making it again and posting about update progress. I'm real close to releasing a game called Jikuu Yuden Debias which has been titled Space-Time Hero Debias. The game's script was translated by Steve Martin. Here are a few screen shots to show off.

Programming / DisPel 65C816 disassembler
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:20:43 pm »
I e-mailed Pelrun just recently about his disassembler DisPel about adding register commenting. He says he will add commenting soon but for now he has put up the source code to the disassembler.

I talked to him about changing the fact that DisPel expects a SNES ROM with a header. If you have a headerless ROM and you try to disassemble, it's off by 200h bytes. Now he says he changed it in the source code where DisPel expects a ROM without a header. If you have a header on a ROM use -n to skip 200h bytes. Although, it doesn't say that he made any changes in the readme.

He also says he converted the source from VC5 to GCC and that it should compile on Linux.

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