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The Rainbow Realms 2

Title screen courtesy of KP9000

Hey friends! Over the last 18 months, I've been working on a sequel to The Rainbow Realms, which was my first hack release. This hack is being made in a similar vein: a focus on creative and interesting level design, and colourful palettes. The difficulty curve is aimed at being fair but challenging, deviating from modern kaizo-style hacks.

For those who played my first hack, you should expect a similar vibe, with perhaps a slightly more polished style of design and a few less puzzles ;)

Anyhow, the first six worlds are mostly complete, with work currently being made on world 7 and 8. Here are a few screenshots.


RustRazed Ridge - (100% complete)

Peacock Prairies - (100% complete)

The Ice Fields - (100% complete)

Muncher Valley - (90% complete)

Aquatic Wonderland - (90% complete)

Butterscotch Falls - (80% complete)


And for those who wish to see some demo videos:

World 1-3 Demo
World 4-6 Demo

Thanks for viewing! I'll keep this thread updated when I make some more progress ;)

Personal Projects / Super Mario Bros. 3: The Rainbow Realms [RELEASED]
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:48:19 am »
Hey all, have been making decent progress with my SMB3 hack, so I thought I'd share!

The basic premise is a colourful collection of levels designed in a similar style to that of the original game, with each world having it's own unique colour palette. My primary focus is on creative and fun level design with a difficulty curve mirroring that of the original game (something that is often lacking in SMB3 hacks). Right now there is no intention to do custom graphics, but that may happen in the future. All eight worlds have finally been completed and was released on 31/03/18!

UPDATED 31/03/18:

Current status: RELEASED! Download here

PREVIEW VIDEO of World's 1-4
PREVIEW VIDEO of World's 5-7


WORLD 1 - The Hillside (100% complete) - Blue skies and rolling green hills make up the majority of levels in our quaint opening world.

WORLD 2 - Strawberry Plains (100% complete) - Delicious strawberry pink themed levels. No, don't lick the pipes!

WORLD 3 - Mystery Caves (100% complete) - Hidden treasures galore in these underground caves with a tricky overworld pipe maze to boot.

WORLD 4 - Koopa Beach (100% complete) - Cute seaside levels patrolled by friendly koopas (and a bunch of nipper plants now that I think about it)

WORLD 5 - Sunset Ridge (100% complete) - Dusk themed levels in the clouds and the sky.

WORLD 6 - Marshmallow Valley (100% complete) - Pastel flavoured valley with increasing difficulty.

WORLD 7 - Arctic Isles (100% complete) - A mix of tricky underground and icy levels as Mario traverses the Arctic.

WORLD 8 - ??? (100% complete)


Thanks for reading, all feedback welcome  ;D

Newcomer's Board / SMB3 Text Editor
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:37:39 am »
Hey guys, I've recently been trying to use Dcahrakos' SMB3 Text Editor for a Mario hack I'm working on, however, only a handful of the text fields will save upon editing them. Searching around on google, on a couple of archived romhacking sites from years ago, it seems there was a version 1.6 released which resolved this bug. The links there are since dead, and the Utilities section here only has the original buggy 1.0 version.

I'm sure there are simple enough ways to get around this problem, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knew where to find this newer version before I try and learn something new.


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