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Newcomer's Board / Different ways of storing text in a game file?
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:46:39 pm »
Hi, I figured I'd post this in the newcomers section because I am new and this kind of thing probably gets asked all of the time.

I'm working on a translation of a game in my freetime, this is nothing serious, just something to work on for the experience. The game I'm working on is an old windows game from the late 90s, which is a port of a PC98 game. I've narrowed down the files where text is stored (They're named MSXXXX.BIN, the Xs being hexadecimal from 0000 to 7F07), but I'm having trouble actually figuring out how the text is in these files. I've found some English text on a computer in the game which is somewhere in the MS0017 file, but I cannot actually find it in the file. I was hoping it might just be in unicode or something (I had to enable Japanese unicode on my computer to get the game to display text properly, so I assume it would be unicode), but I can't find it. Relative search isn't turning up anything either (and I am taking note of capitalization).

So I'm asking here for help. What are common ways for a game like this to store text? Is there something I could be keeping an eye out for in my hex editor? Is there just something I hadn't considered?

As a side question, do you guys know of any good utilities for PC debugging? I have a PC debugger program but it doesn't work that well, and I've been using Process Monitor to keep track of when the game is reading files (this is how I found that the English text was in MS0017.BIN). Are there any other useful tools I could be using to make my life easier?

Thanks for any help, or just for your time in reading this.

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