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Newcomer's Board / New to the forum, Need some guidance
« on: December 09, 2015, 01:50:38 pm »
To start with, if all this is in the wrong place pleas move the thread or just tell me and il post it at the right place.

I have loads of question but il try and not go full on spanish inquesition here.
Japanese physical games not only have some extra in them but can also be esteticly more pleasing. Japanese games also have accsesories that never left the japan to. A whole lot of them are not the biggest loss to not have localy but some i really like.

And thanks to this wonderfull site i can play japanese physical games on my retron 5 with a translation patch and that makes me a happy panda.

What i do wonder about is this, i see translations for games like The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes, and i wondered. I have in my collection the famicom and super famicom interface to hook up the Barcode Battler 2, a interesting little game system based soly on scanning barcodes and the cods fighting each other. Anyway, The spider man game i mentioned has extra content on the japanese cartrage you can unlock with this barcode system.

Does the tranlation made here include that extra content?

There are cards for Link to the past, Mario World and some other games to. I kind of tok it as a given that using the cards on a japanes cartridg of Link to the past running a language patch on the retron 5 would not work as the cards do not work on american or european games and the language patches for games that has a official releases are the same as playing a original americanor european game. SO games only having fan made translations, will it work or not? hehe

I have the dragonball Z datach thing too wich is a big as card scanner in it self but have not found a translation for it pluss the cards are in japanese hehe.

Thats part one

Also il try to be short with this. Is there anyone here that know of a way to run disc based games with a language patch like the retron 5 does with cart based games? the R5 dumps the rom on to the console it self so you are really playing the rom and not the cart. Thas how language patches work on it. I have a buch of japanse ps2 and 1 games so thats why im asking.

AND is there a list of games being worked on translating so i can just check and so on?

Hope i did not kille you with my wall o text

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