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There's a group of people in Magical Vacation called the Water People and they appear to speak gibberish but I've found that in fact, sometimes the Japanese is just jumbled. Here's an example:
セこカのイ ホがトん ナらウ ダぼケくガ のソまウま turns into この世界が本当なら僕だけがうそのまま

Can someone help me unscramble some of these? Unfortunately, I'm not sure if they all unscramble to something sensible as some of it might be actual gibberish.

ダたカ まケわルだ ケのナつ タっひ タとり デ
けズしサ がダ カのレ キいト をサめルせ
コせネを テおッチ マをテで タずマみリニ ワるス
ダろドけノら ミをキ キるダしメ くボ (the last bit seems to unscramble to キミを抱きしめる僕)
ゲゆマがー ナがつテもッて ジゃイなイぃー
コほタり キかオた チとハこ ミなハを ズらタしタ
マあニまリのイてキぃ マあニまリのシでンくィ
ハれオ カたイた ヲすタれワ サちイィーヤ なリカ
ニいマこコ いコん ブのダいツ マたヤるドしィー

Oh, and there's no need to translate it into English. I'm capable of doing that myself  ;)

Personal Projects / [GBA] Magical Vacation English Translation
« on: December 04, 2015, 05:50:12 am »

Magical Vacation is the first RPG that Brownie Brown (now known as 1-UP Studio) of Mother 3 fame worked on. It had a spiritual successor, Magical Starsign, on the NDS that was localized but unfortunately Magical Vacation never managed to leave Japan. I'm now currently working on translating it into English.

The game is currently fully translated into English and in a playable state. There are numerous graphical glitches / spacing issues that still need to be addressed before I publicly release the patch on June 10th, 2016.

Here are some (outdated) screenshots:

I hope there are people interested in playing this RPG as it has some gorgeous graphics, an interesting battle system, and colorful dialogue and names!

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