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Newcomer's Board / I have a newbie doubt regarding Cartographer
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:19:52 pm »
Hi there! I recently got an idea for a translation hack of japanese Final Fantasy I, and after looking online for a bit I found that Cartographer and Atlas seem to be the most reccomended tools for script extraction and insertion.

When you download Cartographer it includes some example doccuments ready to be used for extraction on American Final Fantasy I. I had some trouble at first (if you're wondering how I had trouble when all I had to do was download the rom and click on the .bat, that's a great question), but after playing around with the commands I seemed to have the basics down. Feeling a bit emboldened, I decided to see if I could alter the example doccuments and use them to extract the text from the Japanese Final Fantasy, since that was one of the steps for my project. So I changed the tables and the commands doc, and it worked! Except... there's something odd.

I produced two dump files: a raw dump of the game's text, and a pointers dump to be used with Atlas. The pointers dump seems to be a perfect extraction with no issues, and the first lines, for the record, look like this:

Code: [Select]
//GAME NAME: Final Fantasy 1 (NES)

//BLOCK #001 NAME: Dialogue Block (POINTER_RELATIVE)

//POINTER #0 @ $28010 - STRING #0 @ $28210

//そこには なにも ありません。[END]

//POINTER #1 @ $28012 - STRING #1 @ $28220

//ひかりのせんしたち‥‥よげんしゃ ルカ―ンの[LINE]
//いったとおりだ。わしの たのみをきいてくれ。[LINE]
//おうじょが ガ―ランドに さらわれたのだ‥‥[LINE]
//たのむ たすけだしてくれ![END]

//POINTER #2 @ $28014 - STRING #2 @ $28273

//よくぞ おうじょを たすけだしてくれた。 さあ[LINE]
//この きたに はしを かけよう。わしにできるのは[LINE]
//これくらいのことしかない。 たいりくに わたり[LINE]
//クリスタルの かがやきを とりもどすのだ!![END]

//POINTER #3 @ $28016 - STRING #3 @ $282D3

//セ―ラは いつも そなたたちのことを[LINE]

//POINTER #4 @ $28018 - STRING #4 @ $282EF

//おうじょは おれのものだ! だれにも わたさん![LINE]
//この ガ―ランドが けちらしてくれよう![END]

The raw dump, however, seems to be missing some random huge chunks of text and seems way messier:

Code: [Select]
//GAME NAME: Final Fantasy 1 (NES)

//BLOCK #000 NAME: Dialogue Block (RAW)
//Block Range: $28210 - $2B590

//そこには なにも ありません。[END]

//この ガ―ランドが けちらしてくれよう![END]

//やろうども やっちまえ!![END]


//しまった。たのむ みなみにある ぬまの[LINE]
//どうくつ から クラウンを とってきてくれ。[LINE]
//そうすれば この しろも もとどおりになる‥‥[END]

かやく じゃ。[LINE]
//これで うんが が できるぞ。[LINE]
//さあ しごとに でかけるか![END]


//さあ おまえたちにも おしえてやろう。[END]


//おれいに いずみの そこに わく[LINE]
//くうきのみずを くんできましょう![END]

んなの すがたは まぼろしのように きえさった[END]

あ このカヌ―をつかい グルグかざんにゆけ![END]

プさせ かこに よみがえったのだ![END]

//まもるという たいやくを おおせつかって[LINE]

//あの クリスタルのでんせつの?![END]

My doubt is: why does this happen? For the reccord, the commands file looks like this right now:

Code: [Select]
#GAME NAME: Final Fantasy 1 (NES)

#BLOCK NAME: Dialogue Block (RAW)
#TABLE: ff1_raw.tbl
#COMMENTS: Yes //start first line with //
#END BLOCK //remainder of comment placement
//is handled by control codes

#BASE POINTER: $20010 //add $20010 to each pointer to get
#TABLE: ff1_ptr.tbl //the string address

I assume there must be something wrong and I should be able to make it not look messy? Thanks so much in advance, and all help is appreciated.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Could someone explain me how Zelda's font works?
« on: September 27, 2016, 04:19:12 pm »
Hi! I'm not sure if what I'm about to ask is extremely obvious, so please forgive me if that's the case.

After spending some weeks reading about romhacking and doing some experiments with Super Mario and Zelda, I told myself: "Hey, I'm gonna go make a translation of Zelda I into Spanish!" It has been done before, but hey, I wanted to do it as a personal project, and make it truer to Japanese than other translations. So I started working.

Suddenly, I realize that I have to add "Ñ" to the game's font, as well as "á, é, í, ó ú". No prob, right? I've seen dozens of tutorials that do this. So I open Tile Layer Pro, select the game, scroll down to the game's font, and I find see this.

Everything looks normal at first. I wan't to get rid of that usless ' and turn it into an Ñ, so I copy-paste te "N" tile on top of the ' tile, as I intend to add a "~" on top of it, when I realize... I can't. I can't because of the way the characters are displayed. The few top pixels of every character appear cropped for some reason. It's specially obvious if you look at the "E" and the "F". And I stand there, looking at the screen dumbfounded 'cause I have no idea what to do. I think this is somehow connected to those dark lines at the bottom of the characters, but I'm supposed to add simething to the top of a letter and I don't know how to do it.

Do you guys have any idea? Again, I apologize if this is something obvious, as you can probably guess, I'm kinda new to this.

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