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Ice metal is ROM hack based on super metroid and just like Super Metroid it's a exploration platforming game. I tried to make Ice Metal a bit more exploration based then the original though. So to make sure you get the best exploration experience I had to make the combat slightly easier, to some extent. This might be good in a way as new players that have never played super metroid before get it a bit easier. But long time fans can still make the game quite hard by trying to find the most challenging/fastest way to beat the game.

The hack will also future new graphics drawn by me and a few other people. But you will also see graphic from both the original game and Zero mission/fusion in there too.

Currently, all level design for the whole hack is done and every known bug have been tweaked out as well. (My beta tester will do another run once I tweaked some more though.)

So all in all, the only things left to do before the release is to make the in-game map as well as any fine tuning that may be needed.

I will, of course, supply some screenshots as well as a trailer. =)
Do however, note that the HUD have been changed since the screenshots where taken. (As well as the morphball)

Surface: 1, 2
Sewers: 1, 2
Poison Point: 1, 2
Steamfair: 1, 2
Dark Dust: 1, 2
Ice: 1, 2
???: 1, 2

[Trailer link]


It's out now, download it from here: [Link]

uploading to shortly.