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Newcomer's Board / Need help with a NES translation
« on: August 18, 2015, 06:33:17 pm »
Hey there!

So i wanted to make a patch to play the prototype rom of the japanese Monster Party in english.
This is pretty much my first translation so i'm pretty happy that everything was going so well and i already translated some of the stuff ingame. Most of the dialogue is only the boss enemies talking but after finishing the dialogues for the first level i wanted to translate the intro next.
For now i just wanted to put the intro text from the english release into the rom but there is one thing i can't find a way to fix and i think you guys will definitely know how to fix it.
Basically in the intro script 'FF' tells the game to switch to the next scene and continue on with the script. My problem here is that it seems to be hardcoded in where the script skips to next.
For the first two scene switches there was no problem since i simply left a gap and
continued my text where it would skip to (probably not very good either) but the third one is what kills it. The third scene change jumps to a portion of text that has already been displayed so it basically repeats itself.
Here's a screenshot which should show what exactly i mean. The red signs are the scene change bytes.

And here's a recording of it ingame repeating itself

I already tried finding pointers but i had no luck. This might've been my incompetence though.  I'm kinda bummed at this point and i don't know how exactly i could find out more via FCEUX's debugger. Any tips on how i can try fixing this?
Well if anyone wants to help me out here is the download with the ips and the table file.

The original rom's name is just "Monster Party Famicom Proto.nes" and should be easy to find

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