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ROM Hacking Discussion / Adding spell animations to NES Dragon Quests
« on: December 28, 2015, 01:05:54 am »
How difficult would it be to implement simple (two-frame) magic animations in the latter three 8-bit dq titles?
As I understand it there might be a way to pull it off by fading out the enemy sprites and layering the animation over the black background, but I'd rather get an educated opinion from the users here.

Is such a thing possible given the hardware limitations?

Greetings folks. I've been playing through some of the older Dragon Quest games after finish 8 and the static damage ranges for spells has always bugged me, especially in 7.

So out of curiosity, would it even be possible to alter some of the game's coding to scale spell damage with the caster's wisdom ala 8? I don't have any true programming knowledge myself and I am well aware that 7's coding is a bit of a mess, but I would imagine that the actual lines of code would be relatively compact.

My apologies if this comes off as request-y; I'm just interested in knowing if such a fix is even feasible without the source code.

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