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Personal Projects / [RELEASE] Super Mario Ultimate (previously NSMB3H)
« on: December 03, 2017, 08:53:31 pm »
Hello there people of ROMhacking, I am "officially" realeasing my SMB3 Hack which I've started in 2007 and that I took about 4 years to complete. The name was, back on 2007, "New Super Mario Bros 3 hack", and I was thinking in change its name to "Ultimate Super Mario Bros 3" (in 2015), but It never happened officially. After releasing a Beta, now I am releasing a final version, It name have been changed to "Super Mario Ultimate", because there are lots of "NEW" Mario bros hacks around.

There are new graphics, new levels, new routes, ITEM SLOT, SAVE FEATURE, DIFFICULT SELECTION, etc...  8 worlds and more than 90 new levels. The GAME IS TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH NOW.

The game difficult will depends of your choice, you can play with easy,gamer, hard or hardest.

The IPS Patch must be used in a Super Mario Bros 3 (U) PRG0;

Special Thanks:

My Wife - help in Translation
Lukasz Kur (Dizzy9) = Lots of Help, Beta testing, fancy asm help of item slot, save game, difficult selection feature, splash screens;
QuickCurly, Googie;
MottZila, Retrorain, Macbee;
Hukka (SMB3WorkShop, YY (YY-chr), Dcahrakos (Text editor), Beneficii (Map editor), DahrkDaiz (TSA Editor), Xodnizel e Sebastian Porst (FECUltra and FCEUXD SP), Team Megamix (inspiration),Lots of people on sprite resource, GOD (Above evething) and The Holy Marry;

I´m sorry if I forgot someone! it was too much time ago!

*Just to take a note, TotusTuus is my nickname*


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