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I guess it's time to give you more details about the translation.

First of all, Droiyan 2 was officially released in Korea and Russia, plus there was a bootleg release in Spain with Spanish text and translated cutscenes. Initially I had only the Russian version, but a few days ago I got my hands on other versions, which allows me to replace voice-overs and edit the original cutscenes, plus test my translation on all of these versions (in theory, it should work, but still). It also means that I won't have to hack most of the UI files.

As for translation itself, I'm not simply translating text for several reasons. First of all, even if Russian translation was alright, the language structure is different, so I'm aiming to make every line look as natural as if the game was written by a native English speaker. That means I have to tamper with the writing and re-arrange the text in a few places.

The translation is going slowly, but unless I encounter any big issues or I get too lazy... ahem, busy, then you can expect the first release of a translation somewhere in late August.

So, some screenshots: