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*UPDATE v1.5/1.6 NOTES:*
-Updated and fixed SEVERAL dialogue strings, including...
--"Flute" Boy's grandpa
--Random bar patron
--Agahnim's first encounter (FINALLY)
--Priest first encounter
--Bully when holding Moon Pearl
--Bottle Salesman
--Brother sealed in his room
-FINALLY fixed the colors on Link's "dead" sprite so he's not wearing red gloves or something.
-I arbitrarily chose the version number so I can keep track.

-A TON of text fixes
-The tiles in Kakariko are finally fixed
Some of the sprites have been updated (for instance, "full bunny" Link now has white fur on his belly)
-A lot of general clean-up

-Removed (hopefully) all the Telepathy Boxes from the dungeons for dialogue space
-Fixed some formatting errors (STILL LOTS TO GO, SO REPORT THEM AS YOU SEE THEM!)
-Changed references to the "flute" to say "ocarina," except in the items menu. Still figuring that one out. Li'l help, please? XP
-Added new dialogue for the fortune teller's fortunes
-Various little odds and ends

-Continue fixing formatting errors
-Change "flute" to "ocarina" in the items menu
-Maybe update some item sprites and palettes here and there. Not fully satisfied with the Mirror Shield yet. And I might revert the first sword and shield as well as the triforce to their original colors. Opinions on this are desired!

Walking and keeping to himself in the fields near Hyrule Castle, a young child named Link hears a distressed cry for help. Running towards the cry, he sees Princess Zelda being imprisoned by the dark priest Agahnim and rushes in to try to save her. Sadly, the inexperienced child is defeated easily and subdued. For his trouble, Agahnim transforms Link into a monster, leaving him in the fields of Hyrule to fend for himself as the new creation of the mage.

As Link lies on the ground, a pouring rain begins to fall. When all hope seems lost, a lone figure approaches, having heard the commotion and taking note of the loose, green tunic that is so familiar. Coming closer, Link's uncle sets the lantern to the side and scoops the pink rabbit into his arms, confused and fearful for his charge.

As Link lays unconscious, sniffling and shivering on his bed, his uncle looks at the shield and sword hanging on the wall. The dark priest Agahnim has gone to far. Taking the sword in his hand, he contemplates what could be done. He's now the uncle of a monster, but he knows that Link is still Link, no matter what. His nephew...

Link's uncle examines the sharp blade carefully, hesitating only a little. And yet, he had always taught his nephew about courage and compassion. If he wouldn't protect his family, no one would.

Meanwhile, Link's body remains that of a rabbit. As he slowly regains consciousness, he hears a voice in his mind. It's Princess Zelda, and she is calling to him, begging him to help her.

Link slowly opens his eyes. He knows he is different now, but it doesn't matter. He has to do the right thing. It's time to save Princess Zelda, no matter what form he's in. Thus begins the unusual tale of the hero people least suspect.

What is this mod?

Ever since I was a little kid playing A Link to the Past for the first time, I always thought the concept behind Bunny Link was such an interesting one. Probably a bit silly on my part, but true. This mod is kind of the realization of that desire.

In a nutshell, this is a graphical and text hack in which Link is Bunny Link from the beginning all the way to the end. The gameplay is unchanged (by personal preference, since I like the way the original game plays and didn't want to mess with perfectly good level design), but Link has been 100% reanimated as a less-helpless version of Bunny Link.

And yes, without spoiling anything, something DOES change when Link enters the Dark World for the first time.

What is done on it?

All of Link's animation sprites have been changed, as has a lot of dialogue, reflecting the slight change in the story. In addition, a handful of items have been changed, certain palettes have been altered APART from Link himself. (This is not due to a palette limitation but rather just a stylistic change.)

One of the trickiest parts of this was fixing his coloration while wearing the Power Glove or the Titan's Mitt. These two items change the color of Link's hands normally, but with Bunny Link, that ended up missing with a lot of his palette. As such I really needed to delve deep and find the correct hex of the glove palette, then calculate the color code and finally change the color. It was tough, but I'm proud that I managed it!

Finally, the text in the "telepathy" boxes has mostly been dummied out for dialogue space.

What still needs to be done?

I still want to fix up a couple of sprites here and there. I need to update the menu colors on the updated Mirrored Shield. In addition, the Mirrored Shield occasionally doesn't appear reflective, which should be a relatively easy fix.

I'll eventually be removing the telepathy boxes entirely since they're of no practical use on this version.

Slight animation tweaks here and there.

Possible other changes in the future?

I have an idea of a little bit of music editing on it, but unfortunately, that is going to be EXCEPTIONALLY difficult, because there is simply no easy way to code music that I've seen.

Maybe... MAYBE one day I might make some level edits, but I'm doubting that. If I did something like that, it would have to be a completely different project.

Got any screenshots?

Why yes. Yes, I have!


The tale begins...

Digging for treasure...

I don't think that will budge...

Bunny Link prayi- err... I mean "wishing."

Even with Flippers, bunnies don't seem to like the water much...

The Legend of Zelda: A (Bunny) Link to the Past!

Okay! You've sold me! Where can I download this patch?

Right here:

Is there any way I can help with this?

Definitely! First of all, if you notice any glitched out text, take a screenshot and show me. Formatting the text is a bit tricky and sometimes adding too many words to a single line will cause issues. I've mostly fixed everything, but there's always a possibility I missed some stuff!

If you have any opinions on the changes, or notice anything odd, that's helpful to me too!

Tell your friends if you'd like. If you feel like Tweeting or streaming it, by all means. You have my blessing! Just let me know and I'll come watch!

And finally, just have some fun. This was meant to be entertaining and amusing, so if it was, then that's what matters most to me.

Thank you guys!

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