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I found an obscure Gameboy game called "Battle of Kingdom". It appears that the game is in English except for the story.
Just FYI in case someone is looking for a quick project or a weekend activity.
Im curious if it is possible to add a Super Gameboy frame to a GBC rom.
If yes, how would one go about doing this? I want to add a border to the Super Mario Land Colorized hack.
I want to make a Guerilla War patch to make it more like the Famicom version (Guevara).

where do I start? What ROM should I use?

NES version?
It's translated already But... I have to change the text (add missing elements). I'm under the impression you can't add info to a ROM. Might be a problem??
Also, edit title screen from "Guerilla War" to "Guevara".
Title screen is more interesting in this version... Has cool explosion effect.

Famicom Version:
Isn't Translated already but might have enough space to add in text.
Title screen is less interesting, lacks explosion effect.
BUT... Famicom version has a hidden port of the game "Sasuke vs. Commander" -- which is the only port this arcade game ever got.

I don't really know where to start. My main priority is editing the text and overcoming the space limits.

what programs do I use? I assume there is a way to export the titles as a picture, edit them in a paint program and then import the edited file?? How do I edit the text? Hex editor??

Yeah, I know, now days this game is considered kusoge but as a kid I did not know any better. It was one of 4 nintendo games I had so it got played it to death.
In the game you collect red W objects to transform into a werewolf and "anger bubbles" to transform into a super-werewolf. But there was also a blue W object that returned you to human form. Anyways I thought of this game for the first time in many years today and I remember a part of the instruction book says there is a way to use the "blue "W" in combination with a red one and go directly to Super Werewolf status"
I was searching around and it seems like this trick has never been discovered. I was hoping a ROM hacker would spend a half and hour looking in the code and see if they can figure out how to do it? It does not have to be a big long dissection of the code or anything, just a quick glance. I have been wondering since 1990.