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Personal Projects / Mega Man 3 - Doc Robot's Revenge (First Update)
« on: June 10, 2017, 12:33:47 pm »
Mega Man - Doc Robot's Revenge

This hack is gonna be a full level hack with slightly big gameplay modifications and bug fixes.

The Story (Will be improved):
After Mega Man defeating the Doc Robots in the past, the parts were scrapped and taken to recycling.
But, a few months later, they suddenly were put back together and rebuilt all the Robot Masters used for mining the Energy Elements,
and used them to attack the city. Hearing this, Dr. Light sent Mega Man out to destroy the rebuilt Robots and then destroy
the Doc Robots.

Finished Stages:
Snake Man
Spark Man

WIP Stages:
Top Man


Utilities Used:
MegaFleX (Level Hacking, some Gameplay Hacking)
Tiny Hexer (Most Gameplay Hacking, Bug Fixes)

kuja killer (MM3 Hacking Documents)

Some of the boss modifications will be recycled from my previous project, Master Battle (Cancelled Boss Rush Hack).

Personal Projects / Gradius: Comeuppance (Level Hacking)
« on: April 17, 2017, 05:11:02 pm »
This is gonna be a Gradius 1 NES Hack that will be made off the Arcade Conversion Patch (

The hack is going to be a prequel to the original. You will play as a prototype version of Big Core that was originally put away by the Bacterians.
As of now, the only thing I have changed is the sprites and text on the title screen, and I don't know how to or can't do (so need help with) what's below.

What To Do/Learn To Do:
  • A Proper Plot
  • New Levels (This is to be done first)
  • New Enemies
  • More Bosses
  • Change the Laser to a single shot that can be upgraded to fire up to 4 shots in a pattern just like the Big Core boss's
  • Change the Shield to a Force Field (Like in the sequels)

Utilities Used:
FCEUX (Hex Editing and Debugging)
YY-CHR (Graphics)


...and I would like to know how to change screen locations and the stage orders.
I thought it would go like this: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06
00 is Stage 1, 01 is Stage 2 and so on, but apparently not, according to searching the ROM in a Hex Editor.

Also, I'm hacking the Japanese Version (Gradius (Japan)).

Personal Projects / Mega Man 3 - Master Battle (Cancelled)
« on: February 11, 2017, 09:38:58 am »
    Mega Man 3 - Master Battle

    Hack Features:
    • You start a room before the boss.
    • Boss Modifications (WIP)
    • Usage of Rush Items and the Hard Knuckle in the starting room in some levels.
    Modified Bosses:
    • Magnet Man
    • Top Man
    • Snake Man
    • Spark Man
    • Hard Man
    • Needle Man
    • Shadow Man
    • Gemini Man
    • Air Man (Doc Robot)
    • Crash Man (Doc Robot)
    • Metal Man (Doc Robot)
    • Wood Man (Doc Robot)
    To Do:
    • Learn how to hack the Wily Bosses
    • Learn how to properly hack Gemini Man's stage
    • Custom Music
    • I changed a few values for Gemini Man's clone phase and when I shoot the clone first,
      the boss instantly dies and I forgot which values I changed. I don't know how to fix that.
    • Remove the Doc Robot Intros
    • Learn how to hack Quickman and Heatman.

    Screenshots (2/11/17):

    Demo Patch 1 (Robot Masters Only):
    Demo Patch 2 (Half of the Doc Robot Bosses):
    To be applied to: Mega Man 3 (USA).nes

    Made Using:
    • MegaFleX
    • Tiny Hexer
    kuja killer (for his MM3 Hacking Documents)


    Personal Projects / Mega Man 2 - 8-Aim (Cancelled)
    « on: November 24, 2016, 11:28:23 am »
    Mega Man 2 - 8-Aim

    For this hack, I'll be using Surtur's Mega Man II Directional Shot Mod and making a hack with new levels and stuff based around that improvement. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this or not.

    What I've done as of 11/24/2016:
    A couple of edits to Woodman's level and it's palettes.
    Edits to Quickman's boss room and level palettes.
    A small edit to Heatman's level.
    The Metal Blade's Graphic has been changed to a shuriken for the player and Metalman.

    What I've done as of 11/24/2016:
    The hack now uses RetroRain's Megaman 2 Optimum patch which converts the game to the MMC5 mapper and adds a CHR ROM allowing up to 1.28M to be used.
    The Atomic Fire's sprite has been changed.

    What I've done as of 06/12/2016:
    The Air Shooter and Air Man bullet sprites have both been changed.
    More Edits to Woodman and Heatman's levels.
    Metalman and Heatman's level have had a palette change.
    Modified Boss Behavior for Heatman and Quickman.

    What I've done as of 08/12/2016:
    Started changing tiles for Woodman's level.
    Modified Boss Behaviour for Metalman and Woodman.

    What I've done as of 15/12/2016:
    Moved the Boss Health Bar to the right side of the screen.
    More tile edits for Woodman's level.
    A few edits to Quickman's level.
    The Robot Masters you need to kill to get the Items have been changed.

    What I've done as of 01/12/2017:
    Edits to Flashman's level and behavior.
    Changes to the Quick Boomerang.

    Screenshots (24/11/2016):

    Screenshots (6/12/2016):

    Screenshot (15/12/2016):

    Demo Patch:

    To be applied to: Mega Man 2 (USA).nes
    CRC32: 5E268761
    MD5: 8E4BC5B03FFBD4EF91400E92E50DD294

    ROM Hacking Discussion / Kiwi Kraze Editor
    « on: June 30, 2015, 10:18:29 am »
    Im working on a hack for the NES game Kiwi Kraze (New Zealand Story elsewhere).
    I have edited some graphics but not the levels, text and etc.
    I would like an editor which can be used easily to edit the levels, text and enemy behavior (Maybe).
    Editing the levels should have these functions:
    • Draw-on tiles
    • Drag and Drop enemy spawners.
    • Changeable position of player, checkpoints,exits and even warp zones.
    • Changeable position where you fight the boss.
    Changing the enemy behavior should have these functions:
    • Change the speed of the enemy
    • Change the enemy's projectiles
    • Choose the enemy's vehicle

    If you could make an editor like this, I would really appreciate that.

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