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Newcomer's Board / Graphics Editor for Mac
« on: February 15, 2015, 06:31:36 pm »
So just recently I decided that ROM Hacking was something interesting that I would like to try out and perhaps get good at, and so I ended up here on this site. I've been reading through the "Getting Started" page and now have a really basic 'understanding' of Binary and Hexadecimal and am currently on the "Graphics Hacking" section, which I would like to work on as I read through it.

I have already downloaded the OpenEmu emulator for my Macbook and have a ROM for GameBoy to begin practicing on.

My problem is that I know hacking (and basically all advanced computer operations) is essentially a PC endeavor; however, seeing as I lack a PC (everyone in my family uses Mac), I would like to find a free Graphics Editor similar to Tile Layer Pro that works for my Mac.

Could someone please give me some suggestions and advice to lead me in the proper direction and help me as I start my ROM Hacking days?

Thank you for reading!

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