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Personal Projects / Wario Land 2 Extended (Wario Land 2 rom hack)
« on: June 28, 2020, 12:28:27 pm »

Wario Land 2 Extended (or Extra, maybe just EX?) is something I've been working on quietly on and off for the last few years and aims to be a full set of new levels for Wario to bust though made with the WL2 editor made by evmatter

This project has been a lot larger than I had though and should hopefully be soon released as 25 brand new levels out of the original 51 making it a complete normal 25 level play through and hopefully if there's enough interest perhaps complete it at later date and finish off the whole 51 levels.

  • 25/25 Levels Currently complete
  • A more challenging but accessible level of difficulty for all Wario Fans
  • Uses more of the available level data giving a longer adventure
  • Every level borrows from its original theme but rebuilt from scratch
  • Tweaked boss rooms
  • Extended tilesets, pallets, tweaks and a few custom tile graphics
  • Plenty of coins to collect and treasure rooms to find
  • Secret exits can still be located but the doors will be blocked off for now

Currently this hack has only been play tested on emulator but should be fully compatible.
I sadly don't have a ETA yet as with current pace I've sat around tweaking a single room for over an hour at a time to create a challenge but would love to release the 25 levels in the next few months.

Additional Media (May spoil certain levels)
In game screen shot
Chapter 1 - 3 Let the water out!
Chapter 4 - 2 Over the rooftops!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have or say what you think so far, I am not looking for testers at this time but I have a few people who are interested in testing in mind so when its released it should be fully tested independently by then.

Update: Has now been released

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