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Concerning the translation on this page.

Not positive where this goes. The bug isn't about the translation text, other than it looks like something else was knicked along the way. The original Nintendo Power version doesn't do this, and I've tested on two different emulators.

In stage 2, liberating the Temple directly North of the base usually rewards us with the STAR OF HEROES, the most important item in the game, but none of that happens here. Instead, it's a different conversation, and no star. Also, if the game is saved mid-stage, the temple reverts to being hidden again, and able to be liberated again.

Tarot exploit aside, without being able to get the Star of Heroes, it's not really playable.

Also, I can't always replicate this, but sometimes, the temple changes into an unliberated (red) town, and liberating that causes the camera to veer far Southeast well past the actual stage and into the water. Then, a thief begins the conversation asking if we understand how the wives of the soldiers feel when their husbands are sent into battle, and then he gives us a GEM.

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