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Gaming Discussion / Looking for 2 player co-op ROM hacks
« on: March 30, 2021, 11:45:06 am »
I'm looking for 2 player ROM hacks for any of the following systems:


I've been getting together with family and friends and having game nights on Saturdays.  I'm looking to add some more games.

We've been playing the 2 player Super Mario hack mostly but I'm sure there's more out there.  Any recommendations?

So I have for years been wondering why there is not forum section for graphics editing or audio editing.  I think the staff at RHDN should seriously consider adding these sections.  There is a great deal of difficulty in editing graphics and in editing audio.  I understand the roots of ROM hacking, initially it was programmers doing all the work but that has changed over the many years ROM hacking/editing has evolved.  ROM hacking is often done by teams, of which contain individuals dedicated to graphics or audio and sound.  I think RHDN should expand to include sections that reflect the various roles of the ROM hacking community. 

Fellow members please respond with your opinion on this topic.

My apologies as to the post being here, I don't know where else to place it.

(This post will be updated on occasion to reflect project progess)

Metroid 1 - Complete Reconstruction - A Hack of Rogue Dawn

This is a complete reconstruction of Metroid 1 using the game engine modifications of the rom hack Rogue Dawn.  I have reverted the custom Rogue Dawn graphics back to the original classic graphic.  In addition to the classic graphics I have added several new tiles to accommodate the slope mechanics that were integrated into Rogue Dawn as well as others to add an additional layer of detail.  All of the new upgrades, bug fixes, mapper expansion, slope detection, and all the other fancy what’s it’s of Rogue Dawn will be included in this modification.  Consider this a Rogue Dawnized recreation of Metroid 1.

The game rooms will resemble the originals but will receive RDs organic level design style.

Link to Rogue Dawn at RHDN:

Foundation for future projects:

This ROM hack will be released with the source files (precompiled build) and the tools used to create it.  In addition to essentially resetting the graphics back to the classic tiles the innards of the ROM have been highly organized to create a platform for others to use as a foundation for building their own original Metroid ROM hack.  After the version 1.0 release I intend to work on tutorial files that will be included in revised releases. 
Providing a foundation for others is a large part of the purpose behind this project.  Releasing the RD source files and the tools wouldn’t have been a good way to go.  RD is incredibly complex, layers and layers have been added to the level design.  Essentially to anyone who wasn’t actively developing it, it looks like a mess internally (Palette swaps, tile swaps, warping, screen loading code for text, complicated combo and structure usage) so it would be a fairly difficult foundation to start with.

Extra goodies:

In addition to reconstructing the original layout there will be several new secrets and conveniences built into the level design.  The flow of the original game will be there but additional secret passageways and secret item rooms are being added.  RD had more missile pickups than the original.  The new power ups from RD will be integrated into the level design so new item rooms may be added.


(Project started in summer of 2019)

Brinstar - 100% Reconstruction - Enemy Placement required
Norfair  - 100% Reconstruction - Enemy Placement required
Tourian  - 100% Reconstruction - Enemy Placement required
Ridley   - 100% Reconstruction - Enemy Placement required
Kraid    - 15% Reconstruction - Current work in progress

Title Screen         - 0%
Game Over Screen     - 0%
Game ending graphics - 0%
Game ending text     - 0%

Adding new item rooms and secrets - 25%

Project Images:

Old Vs New

Other Images

Metroid Silhouette

Project Team:

Graphics & Level Design:   Grimlock
ASM Programing:   Makes use of existing Rogue Dawn ASM - Credit to Snarfblam
Music:   None


A new Metroid hack project that is currently in the early design phase.
I wanted to go ahead and start this thread to start sharing content and get some ideas and feedback from you all.
This project uses the Metroid Rogue Dawn hack as a foundation (ASM modifications only).  No music, level design, or story line elements will be used from that project.
There is currently no back story for this hack; none is planned at this time.

(This post will be updated from time to time to reflect any progress)

Area Themes Being Considered:  (Contributions accepted and appreciated)
Industrial Area/city
Alien Forest - Dark
Alien Forest - Fog
Inside living organism/cave like
Lava cave/cliffs
Starry night rocky plains
Evil - Haunted like area
Military base
Space port/landing area

Test Screens and Concept Art:

Gaming Discussion / Grimlocks GameMaker Studio Goodies
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:57:14 pm »
Grimlocks GameMaker Goodies Insanity:

VOL 1:

Introducing HILLAROIDS

Help the lovable Cankles destroy that nuisance ridden evidence from all of her past scandals before they land her in the slammer.

Download link:

V1.0  (Single runtime executable for ease of use)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Unknown Castlevania 2 and 3 hacks…
« on: October 14, 2015, 06:05:18 pm »
I discovered these unnamed CV2 and CV3 hacks in an old zip file, they look pretty good.  I’m wondering if anyone recognizes these. 

They are both dated 2002

CV2 Hack:

CV3 Hack:

So I felt like playing around with this editor to see what it's capabilities are (Maybe for a future project down the road) but I can't seem to get it to launch due to an error that pops up.

I'm using Windows 7 and compatibility mode doesn't appear to help any.  There isn't any documentation with the editor and the D/L page here at RHDN doesn't reference any additional instructions in getting it to launch, I'm at a loss.

Anyone have an idea as to what this error is referring to and how to get past it?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Patch applying application for Android?
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:44:56 am »
I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a functional IPS patch application capable of running on Android.  Specifically on a Kindle Fire tablet.  I have tried UniPatcher but it failed to launch.  My current gaming setup is a Kindle Fire HDX with a Bluetooth remote.  As it is right now I have to do all of my rom patching on a PC and then transfer the patched roms to my tablet.  It would be very convenient to be able to download and apply patches on my tablet.

Updated version 1.21 is now available for download

Get it here:  :)

Alternate download location:  (Metroid Construction),4221.msg57562.html#msg57562

Optomon's Rogue Dawn Original Soundtrack:

(Now included in the main download)

Registered's Printable Map

- Link removed -

The 1.21 download includes 2 new maps

Editroid Corner Map

This is a graphical representation of the level design, it's not highly detailed but it's interesting.  Some of the colors will differ from the in game colors due to palette swaps not represented in the preview window. 

NOTE:   All Easter eggs have been removed but the off map screens are revealed.

Click on image to show full size:


Project working title:
Metroid - Rogue Dawn

Hack development team:

Graphics & Level design:

Game engine modifications:

Game music modification:

Development play testing:
Dr. Floppy
Christopher Taber - Analogue Interactive

Storyline / Background:

Text from my post here at explaining the 2 story variations being considered:

(The proceeding is out of date and an earlier version of the story line, I will update it when time allows)

This is a prequel and takes place before Samus becomes a bounty hunter.  It is an attempt to fill in the missing details at the root of the series.  Why is Samus so obsessed with the Metroids?  Why does she feel responsible for their eradication?  How did the mother brain facility end up with the species on ZEBES? And why did Samus go to the planet SR388 in Metroid 2 to finish off the Metroids, how did she know to go there?

Exact details of the storyline will be released when it is finalized.  I can tell you that the similarities between Samus and this main character make complete sense as she is her sister, Dawn Aran.  Her own blood is responsible for the greatest threat ever faced by civilization.  There are two alternate story lines, the main character remaining a constant.  Was Dawn taken as a young child by Ridley when Samus and Dawns parents died?  Samus believing all had perished in the encounter, only to have her sister raised and taught in the ways of Ridley's culture of violence and hate?  Or did Dawn survive her parents death because she was only a toddler at the time on a distant planet.  Raised by  relative's, eventually following a career path with the Federation.  As an interplanetary investigator with federation law enforcement finally able to track down and investigate the death of her family discovers her sister alive and well.  Nurtures and mentors Samus in the ways of human civilization as she has been isolated and raised on the remote planet of Zebes.  Eventually Samus joins her amongst the Federation forces following a similar path.  Questions still surrounding the death of Samus and Dawns parents lead Dawn to overwhelming evidence that their parents where killed in a failed operation by a corrupt Federation government attempting to kill off their operative Ridley in an effort to wash their hands of him.  Discovering countless examples of corruption Dawn is driven to join a small separatist group on Zebes, a rogue operative.... the hate and rage trapped inside once directed to an unknown enemy responsible for her families death now turned on the Federation.  Was the Federation responsible for their parents death and an elaborate lie to cover it up?  Or is this an elaborate manipulation by Ridley to drive Dawn to do what they are incapable of doing, steal the newly discovered Metroid species from planet SR388....

Obviously the first version is much more simplistic and perhaps a better option for that reason.  The second option can be expanded and collapsed depending on where I want to go with it.  Either way the blood of Samus's family is at the root of the Metroid threat, the "Dawn" of the Metroid series.....

FYI per the official storyline Samus is in Federation law enforcement before she decides to become a bounty hunter.  The storyline of Rogue Dawn takes place before/and or during this transition.

This is still rather rough, input is welcome.  Storyline elements will be added in game and is still a work in progress.  Everything disclosed in the two story variations would entail what accorded just before the start of Rogue Dawn.  Either way you are working against the Federation, your mission being to acquire the newly discovered Species named "Metroid" by the currently scattered and nearly eradicated research teams on the surface of SR388 (same planet as in Metroid 2).


(These screens may further evolve as the project progresses)

Brinstar Area - Ship interior

Norfair Area - Planetary Surface

Kraid Area - Forest/natural environment

8 frame 256 meta tile animation with splashing drops and animated water.

Ancient Chozo/Metroid worshiper ruins

Ancient Chozo/Metroid worshiper ruins

Ridley - New Tile Set - Science Ship

The "Boneyard": - NEW AREA - Inhospitable area stripped of life by the Metroids (Route to final area)

Tourian: - ????
Sorry, you're going to have to play through the hack to see this one.

Animated Screenshots:

Additional sub-areas are complete


Currently working on:  Fine tuning ASM code, custom music creation, title screen

Brinstar    - 100%
Norfair      - 100% 
Kraid         - 100%
Ridley         - 100%
Tourian       - 100%

Game engine modifications - ASM modifications near completion.

Music Progress: - Near completion.

Target release date : 2016 - Q1

How Rogue Dawn will differ from other Metroid hacks  (Goals for this hack)


   NOW MMC3!!!

- A vast world to explore unlike any other Metroid hack.

- A world filled with secret areas and discoveries that will push and reward your urge to explore

- Missiles treated with greater value, requiring you to explore and endure interesting challenges to acquire (no more freebies, you can go strait to a boss with 5 missiles if your a lazy explorer).

- A much more Super Metroid like experience due to a new screen scrolling transition technique I'm applying to my level designs (no bubble doors on the planetary surface!).  A tremendous evolution in the way you navigate and explore in the original metroid game engine.  This method does not require ASM hacks.

- New unique story line that will be part of the in game play, not just a thread post explaining it, you'll discover it by playing the game.

- Game engine modifications by Snarfblam that will change the way you experience Metroid, Level designs created to get the most out the new features and modifications.

      · Save game feature
      · Wavy Ice beam
      · In game map system
      · Wall jump - New Item
      · Heal blocks (health charging capability)
      · Hurt blocks (damaging elements can now be included in the level design)
      · Spring ball (jump while morphed) - New Item
      · Morph while in air
      · Bomb enhancements
      · And more

- New music!

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