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Some of you probably already know about this hack. For those of you who don't: sup.

Info copied from Project Base page:
Project Base is a ROM hack of Super Metroid that keeps the original map mostly intact, while adding new stuff. It doesn't force the player to take a new path, or to use any advanced techniques. Well-known sequence breaks and shortcuts have been left alone, with many new ones added. Highly speedrunnable, and with a level of difficulty that is accessible to anyone. Works with Snes9X, ZSNES, higan/BSNES, and on SNES/flash cartridges.

Three alternate versions are now available: Vanilla Palettes, Vanilla Gameplay, and Gameplay Only.

Download it here!

- General movement is less inhibited, with many new tricks made possible
- Modified enemies and bosses, including AI and graphical touch-ups
- Faster elevators, doors, room transitions and item-collection sequences
- Optional new color palette for the entire game
- Bug fixes and polish applied whenever possible
- New rooms added, others expanded and/or merged
- Alternate versions that offer even more ways to enjoy Super Metroid!

- RESPIN -- press jump at any time during a normal fall to resume spinning
- BACK FLIP -- while crouched, hold run, then press and hold jump + back
- BOMB SKIP -- hold down to avoid bomb jumping
- QUICK MORPH #1 -- hold item cancel + press down to instantly morph
- QUICK MORPH #2 -- hold L + press down, only works in the air
- DEMORPH JUMP -- until Spring Ball is equipped, holding run allows spin-jumping straight out of ball form
- SPEED BALL -- with Spring Ball equipped, Samus gains the ability to run at full speed as a ball
- UP SPIN -- while standing still, hold run to easily spin-jump straight up
- SPIN FALL -- hold jump as you fall from a ledge to flip automatically

- Beam travelling and firing speeds adjusted, auto-fire speed increased
- Charge beam draws energy and ammo drops from enemies toward you, also charges slightly faster
- Speed Booster has become a major power-up with several huge limitations removed
- Horizontal shinesparks can be exited into a full-speed run when Samus touches a slope
- Space Jump no longer stops working after you've fallen too far
- Missiles and super missiles can be fired faster
- Super missiles can be fired straight down while in the air to propel Samus upward
- X-Ray Scope speed increased
- Bomb timer shortened
- Underwater wall jumping and bomb jumping enabled
- Running speed no longer resets after jumping or falling


I've just released version 0.7.2, and probably won't be working on this hack for another year at least. During that time I'll be scouring the internet for feedback and reactions, watching play-throughs and keeping notes on what could be improved. Enjoy the hack and let me know what'cha think!

Also, screenshots, woo!

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