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Newcomer's Board / Removing character portraits in FFV (GBA)
« on: March 19, 2014, 08:27:46 pm »
I'm completely new to rom hacking and figured this would be a relatively simple first project. I've always played the SNES version of FFV mainly because of how horrible all the character portraits in the GBA version look. I'd like to be able to just completely get rid of all of them, both in the dialogue boxes and the character menus.

I've viewed some tutorials and done some searches on graphics editing, but there appears to be a lot of conflicting information on what the best programs to use are. I've downloaded 4 or 5 different ones and loaded up the ROM in them, but none of the tiles appear to be discernable and are just a random jumble of pixels. I'm not sure if there's a specific program that works best for GBA games (I only bothered to download ones that explicitly mentioned GBA compatibility in the descriptions), but I'd welcome any recommendations from people who have experience with stuff like this.

I tried using VBA's built-in tile viewer functionality on a screen with a dialogue box open in the game's intro. Here's a screenshot I took:

I believe the tiles used for the character portrait are the ones I put a red box around. The last "char base" option is the only one that produced visible representations of the sprites. Some questions: I clicked on one of the tiles in the box there, is the "address" of 06014480 going to be a way to consistently find that tile when loading the ROM up in a graphics editor? Or is it only linked to the tile in that specific frame? Also, what I would like to do is change it so just the blank blue window is shown where the portrait used to be. To accomplish this, would I just change each pixel to the same color as the background to simulate transparency? I'm not sure why it's green or if it would turn up green when properly loaded into an editor, but would using that color to paint over the portrait tiles effectively make it an invisible layer?

Sorry if this is really basic stuff, but I'm pretty lost trying to get the tilesets properly loaded and am wondering if the FFV US ROM maybe doesn't play as nice with the editors available here as some other games do. Any advice on methods to use or even just pointing me towards more relevant tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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