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Mega Francesca: Krion's Adventure a Mega Man 4 Hack.
Mega Man and Francesca!, go to Krion Empire! and set 205X AD after year 1999.

Mega Francesca Subtitle "Krion's Adventure" Known as Doropie's Adventure (どろぴ~さんの冒険) (not Subtitle) in Japanese ver. of Rockman 4.

new levels design and more enemy, graphics from Magical Doropie/Krion Conquest.
custom music Magical Doropie for MM4 not included, it's original Capcom Sound Theme.

No Replaced Sprite Mega Man with Francesca/Doropie,
new build version in future.

Title Screen, No Logo

Ice Level based on Stage 2 Graphics of Yukimaru from Magical Doropie/Krion Conquest

New Replace Enemy Spike Box from Round 2-1

Slide, Slide, Go!

New Replace Enemy Met (like Jumping and Spinning, Walking, not water in Dive Man's Stage and Wily Castle 1) from Round 1-1

Replaced Skull Man with Yukimaru, but not modified Boss AI's Code

New Special Weapon Yukimaru

Water Level based on Stage 3 Graphics of Aqua Knight from Magical Doropie/Krion Conquest

Water into Falling

This Video Demonstration Yukimaru Level (Skull Man's Stage) Gameplay, uploaded since December 17th (Rockman's Anniversary is 27 Year ago)

start project December 14th 2014 :)
24th Anniversary of Magical Doropie since December 14th 2014 :D

New Level with Graphics Design like based on Magical Doropie/Krion Conquest
  • Yukimaru (Skull Man's Stage) : 90% Complete
  • Aqua Knight (Dive Man's Stage) : 5% Complete
  • ??? (Ring Man's Stage) : 0%
  • ??? (Bright Man's Stage) : 0%
  • ??? (Drill Man's Stage) : 0%
  • ??? (Dust Man's Stage) : 0%
  • ??? (Toad Man's Stage) : 0%
  • ??? (Pharaoh Man's Stage) : 0%
How to play
1. Download Mega Francesca: Krion's Adventure Demo 1 here from Board 2 Uploader.
2. Apply Patch to Mega Man IV USA both PRG0 and PRG1 ROM, Use LunarIPS. *
3. Emulator like FCEUX or NEStopia / Real Hardware like EverDrive N8 or PowerPak.
3. Play Yukimaru's Stage Only, No Play Aqua Knight's Stage (2nd Level not Demo 1).

* Patch Note:
NOT Europe (PAL) like Glitch Licensed by Nintendo Screen Text "GG" or Japanese ROM (Patch JP not included).

previous hack released Mega Francesca back in October.

New 2nd Level of Aqua Knight maybe new build version in future.
Working in progress, next week.

Final version of Mega Francesca: Krion's Adventure is still development, under construction!
Good Luck ;)

Newcomer's Board / Added/Replaced Music MP3 or NSF to NES ROM Hack?
« on: December 18, 2014, 09:18:51 am »
Add/Replaced Music MP3 or NSF in NES Game like Mega Man 4 and 5, Darkwing Duck (NES).
download Soundtrack Darkwing Duck and Magical Doropie, MM1-6 .nsf from Zophar.

Cool Soundtrack and Modified Music in NES Hack like MLP: DDC, Mega Man Ultra, Rockman 4MI etc.

Replaced Music Track.
In Mega Man 4 and 5.
Bright Man's Stage,
Bright Man Theme (Original MM4) -> Bridge (Darkwing Duck).
Skull Man's Stage,
Skull Man Theme (Original MM4) -> Stage 2-1 Yukimaru (Magical Doropie).
Stone Man's Stage,
Stone Man Theme (Original MM5) -> Guts Man Theme (Mega Man 1).
Copy Hex Music Darkwing Duck or Magical Doropie, Mega Man 1 ROM to Mega Man 4 & 5 ROM?

In Darkwing Duck.
Bridge's Stage,
Bridge (Original DwD) -> Stage 1-1 Thunder Knight (Magical Doropie) or Cut Man Theme (Mega Man 1).

Edit Music in NES ROM Hack via Hex Editor or using Tool?
Thanks :)

Newcomer's Board / Edit HP Damage Enemy in Rockman 2?
« on: November 26, 2014, 07:19:00 am »
This Rockman 2 NOT Mega Man 2.
Edit HP Damage Enemy like Met, Returning Sniper Joe, Batton, Pierrobot, 8 Robot Masters etc.

Enemy ID Hack with ROM Offset via Hex Editor?
Like Matrixz's MegaFLE X Enemy Editor -> Tab "General" -> edit hex HP Damage "HP" works on Mega Man/Rockman 3~6.

Can't Find HP Damage Enemy with ROM Map for Rockman 2 (not Mega Man 2) in Data Crystal Wiki?
Like Mega Man 4 Robot Masters Enemies "'s HP", it's available on Data Crystal Wiki.

rock5easily's Rockman 2 Editor and -=Fx3=-'s Visine doesn't support feature HP Damage (Rockman 2 Only. not support Difficulty Mode in Mega Man 2 US),
Matrixz's MegaFLEX support HP Damage (MM/RM3-6).

Edit HP Damage in Rockman 2 using without Hex Editor,
Utility Matrixz's MegaFLE X Enemy Editor not support Rockman 2 :(

Maybe Update new version on Utility Editor support HP Damage Enemy in RM2 Only. Not support Difficulty Mode "NORMAL" and "DIFFICULT" the US version of Mega Man 2.
no new version of Visine for feature HP Damage Enemy, last version 2.82 back in 2002.

or Easy Mode with edited HP Damage Enemy for Rockman 2?
Edited HP Damage Enemy in Rockman 2 Hack like Rockman No Constancy, RM2YC, RM2EX etc.

Korxtendo's New Rockman 2 Hack Project called "Rockman 2 SJ" (require edit HP Damage Enemy) working in progress.

Thanks :)

Edited: Sorry Bump Thread

Mega Man 4 NES version.
Moved Items (E-Tank, 1UP, Weapon Energy etc) to Ring Boomerang in MM4?
Like MMIV (GB) and Puresabe's RM4MI.

E-Tank Item on Cossack Stage 3 (It's Original Level, No Edit Level)

Moved Weapon Energy Item to Ring Boomerang work RM4MI Hack :)

ASM or Apply Patch ItemOnRingBoomerang.ips or RM4MI's Code for both version of MM4 (US) and RM4 (Japanese) :huh:


ROM Hacking Discussion / Help Edit HUD in Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
« on: March 19, 2014, 03:16:04 am »
Sorry, Wrong Room
How to Edit HUD in SMB3 NES Hack?

SMB3 Hack running FCEUX Version 2.2.2

"WORLD1" -> change tile to Mario/Luigi Hat and change text to "W1"
Replace Letter Icon "M" is Mario and "L" is Luigi -> Face

V is $72 (Change Tile "RL" to "V", Added Letter "V" like Change Text "COURSE CLEAR!" to "LEVEL CLEAR!")
x is $FB

Replace Hex Code
A0A1A1A1 to A0A1A1A3 -> Top Box
707172 to 7071AA -> Right Box with World Letter "RL"
7475FB to 7475AA -> Right Box with Mario / 7675FB to 7675AA -> Right Box with Luigi
A8A4A4A4 to A8A4A4A9 -> Bottom Box

Like Box with Face Mario/Luigi?

Edit HUD not work Hex Editor using WindHex
1: Open File Super Mario Bros 3.nes
2: Menu "Search" -> click "Hex Search"
3: Enter Data Type "A0A1A1A1" -> click "Find" button
4: Error Message "Sorry... The string was not found"

Edit HUD work Hex Editor with PPU Memory using FCEUX -> No Modified NES ROM

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