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Personal Projects / Link's Awakening hack: New Awakening
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:46:52 pm »
Since a lot of people have downloaded my hack New Awakening in the past month, I decided it might be wise to start up a thread to see if anyone had any questions or comments on the mod. I prefer to operate with lots of feedback and so far I've only gotten a couple of complaints, and it didn't take long to address them, leaving me on my own.

I've been updating the hack more or less regularly so far, so there are noticeable differences between different versions of the hack, but I've set up a walkthrough on Youtube that shows how various puzzles can be solved and where the player needs to go at this or that point in the game. The walkthrough isn't perfect, as it has some unnecessary backtracking when I stopped paying attention to what I was doing and played on autopilot, but it shows how everything can be done, and also shows how to get the extra keys available in the dungeons (I added in excess keys and key-saving tricks to reduce the chance the player might get stuck). I'll update it when the newest version requires different puzzles. Here is the link: (

Let me know what you think.

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