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ROM Hacking Discussion / MMBN4 localization error fix patch
« on: December 11, 2014, 02:09:49 pm »

What's Done:
- Added Duo, PrixPowr & Z-Saber chips to number trader.
- Gave Duo & PrixPowr permanent chip images, icons and descriptions.
- Changed "Z-Saver" chip name to "Z-Saber" and changed "Repliroid" to "Reploid" in it's
- Fixed capital "F" which showed a discolored square.
- Changed "Leg's" to "Let's".
- "record" is now capitalized to "Record" in MegaMan Menu.
- Added Prof.9's WoodMan scenario freeze bugfix.
- Battle chips that would normally freeze in older emulators should all work now.

My minor update:
- Fixed same-length decription.

What's Needs:
- Changed "young girl" instead of "young man" in WindMan scenario. (More infomation is here:
- Fix Record screen, "**:**" to "*:**:**".
- Save screen
Playtime -> Play Time
Credit -> Credits
- Fix battle chip description and names.

I can't change different-length chip names/description, because it makes game error.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Shiren the Wanderer DS logo
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:59:43 am »
The game logo is largely different than original version.

Latest localized Shiren logo has been redesigned.

Does anyone draw Shiren DS logo as recent Shiren logo?

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