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I'm still working on Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL, and I want to know how to add entirely new Pokemon - not replace - fully independent. I tried looking for a tool but the closest I get to new Pokemon is replacing a Pokemon's sprite and name. I don't necessarily want that.

The reason is because I want to add MISSINGNO. for the purposes of a beta gym, and because of no reliable info on type, make a new BIRD team for the Gym Leader. But I can't replace a Pokemon because no Pokemon learns 2 Water Guns, Pound and Sky Attack like MISSINGNO. does.

If it requires replacing a Pokemon's data but replacing what it learns and all that it's fine I can just replace a Glitch Pokemon (With a Glitch Pokemon XD)

If someone can give me some pointers on how to add new Pokemon into Pokemon Gold, and if possible how to add MISSINGNO. that'd be great. If it requires ASM can someone send me a link to get it?

Thanks for reading. I hope you can assist me!  :laugh:

If you want a link to the ROM Hack here's a link to the Facebook Page -

Well, I'm after some Staff Members for The Chippy Cooperation. It's a ROM Hacking company that is looking for any type of hacker - from beginner to pro, translator to full scale editing.

Name Origin - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story 'Chippy' + The Tomorrow Cooperation

We need -
*Beta Testers. MUST be devoted. MUST report once a week. Need 10. Since many will leave, I'm SURE OF IT.

*Bug Fixers. We have none currently and would prefer 2.

*Developers. I don't mind how many. Since this is basically like a hub for releasing games under the entire cooperation's name.

*Alpha Testers. Dangerous job. You may corrupt the game at this stage. Usually done by higher testers. You will get games before release though!

*Top developers. Expert ROM hackers who can take the lead on either abandoned works, adding stuff into the finished ROMs or taking the lead on updates.

*People who hack GAMES THAT ARE NOT POKEMON. We have one folk but she left. If anyone can hack games that are not Pokemon go nuts XD

(Copy-Pasted from the Facebook Page)

The official page (AKA where you will always find me) is here -

Currently we only have Pokemon games and would love to see other games released under our name.

Benefits? There are benefits.
*Members of Staff may get games that are in early stages to test as long as they ask the top developer.
*More publicity and sharing - so you can get other games that people have released on the page.
*You can become admin if you are a top developer (REQUIRES THAT YOU ARE AN EXPERT)
*You can get the official pages for your current ROM Hacks onto the long description on the page if you provide the link!

I'm not that active on here so don't expect me to be around all the time.
So if you are to consider joining, cheers!  :beer:

I need to know if there's a tool or way to implement these things into Pokemon Gold -
*Skateboard w/item data (Allows you to go UP ledges and go faster)
*Event data for various areas
*Flag data for events to trigger something

Or if someone can develop a tool for this that would be great.

Also I need to know if there is a tool/way to edit the bag/pack screen's textures and the screen itself.
And also a title screen editor would be awesome since I don't know how to do that either.

Anyone who can give these answers are awesome.

This is a little project that has been floating around the ROM Hacking discussion for a little while. So I decided to take it here too.

Basically a ROM Hack reviving the older versions of Pokemon Gold.

You'll need the VBA to run this hack.

Heres a screenie from an older version.

For versions and updates look on the fb page :D -

Current Version - 1.4 - The Japan Update

Looking for help on a couple things! Here are the things I need help with -
*Implementing some stuff.
*Adding events and flags for unused stuff.
*Beta Testing (about 12 more needed, most may be getting kicked off since about 4 never message me.)
*Re-Using Stuff

You can also find another help ad on the help ads section on this site. Check it out ;)

E-Mail me or message me on Facebook or my ROM accounts. To E-Mail go on the help ad but I NEVER go on there so it's not recommended. I suggest alerting me before e-mailing so I know to look on there XD

You can apply to help on this page and it's where I hang around (A LOT) so if you wanna help out that's the place to go. Also the updates get there A LOT faster.

SO...just re-newing the Official Forum page for Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL.

As you should all know Pokemon Gold was COMPLETELY different in the Beta and Alpha stages. So, I'm making it look exactly like the old one using the MODERN tileset.

Current Beta Testers (E-Mail Names Shortened)


I made New Bark Town into Silent hills from the Alpha Version in this update.

December 29, 2013, 07:13:45 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
The next update will be on new years day. It'll be called the Silent Hills Update!

Currently there are some notable bugs YvettesDragons  found that WILL be fixed next version -

*The Happa glitch that causes a graphical bug when happa is defeated and shows an N that sticks out.

*Honoguma, Happa (The name is still dying, wonder why?) and Sentret's names (There may be more we're currently looking and testing the game)

*The signs on the Elm houses need swapping.

*Forgot to put the tower that's in between the player's house and the Elm lab.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Pokemon Nativity! Merry Christmas!
« on: December 23, 2013, 05:52:51 pm »
Just made a Side Project. Pokemon Nativity!

Based on the Nativity story. Just a mini-hack really.

Current version - 1.0FINAL
-Added mr pokemon's house

Download Version 1.0 HERE -

In 1997, Nintendo announced Pokemon Gold and Silver...but it was changed MASSIVELY in the finals.
 The beta and alpha versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver looked as good as the final, so with a 'lil bit of my hacking experience, I made a REVIVAL of the Beta/Alpha versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver (Yay  :happy: ).
 It's in Version 1.3 right now, and if ANY bugs are detected report them to my E-Mail OR this forum page! (Scrambled graphics are INTENDED. It was in the prototype maps) And if any bugs are detected AND reported, I'll see if I can fix 'em  :angel: .

Wanna apply for Beta Testing of this ROM? Go right ahead and post an app. Copy it into your post or it WILL be ignored.
Form here -

Name/Username - (Name, Username or BOTH)
Age - (Age, Obvious or what?)
Beta Testing SKILLZ - (Advanced, So-So, Beginner)
Time on the computer - (Hours preferably)

The maximum Beta Testers is 20. Any people who DON'T post at ALL will be off the list.

Heres a screenie of The Player's Room :D -

You need a GameBoyAdvance or GameBoy Emulator to run this ROM. I use the Visual Boy Advance Emulator 1.8.0pre to run the ROM since it's the best one but I cannot distribute it since it's copyrighted.
Oh yeah and if you wanna develop put in your signature that you do. Spread the word guys :D
If you find ANYTHING in the betas that's NOT in my hack I'll add it if there's evidence to back it up.
Oh and I need a text editor too. I can't do it very easily. If I get one developer I'll post the toolz.
Use the very same form to apply only stating the job you want.

Status of the hack -
Maps - 100% - FINISHED :D Have a cookie  :cookie:
Battle Sprites - 99.9% (Sprites are poor currently :-[ ) Couldn't add the official Dragonair Sprite so I had to make a poor mockup, Lapras will be added next update.
Overworld Sprites - 99.9% - Gonna fix the trainer sprite next update
Bug Fixes - 55% - The current versions a beta and hasn't finished beta testing. Fixed VBA breaking bug
Warps - 100% - 1 Cherrygrove City Warp cannot be added because theres 1 extra house in the beta, FINISHED! Have a cookie  :cookie:

New Christmas Edition of 1.3! 1.3c ! Download it here -

Play as Santa in 1.3c with a Santa hat Happa!

Find the official FB page here! Leave a like, pwease -

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