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Personal Projects / Rockman 2 Everlast
June 24, 2015, 08:56:55 PM
So, I know it's been forever since I showed off an actual ROM hack, but this one I've been working on for a LONG time. It's a hack of Rockman 2 known as Rockman 2 Everlast. Here's the new title screen and stage select:


Im sure some of you are aware that I showed off this same hack before, well I've made improvements to just about everything in the whole game. If ROM hacks were sold Rockman 2 Everlasts' selling point would definitely be the graphics, all stage graphics are hand-drawn by me, with great attention to detail. Here's some screenies:

Heatman:Woodman: Metalman:

Dr. Wily's stages also have all completed graphics, but I don't want to spoil them, However they can be seen in the demo.
Keep in mind the game is not finished and I'm still working out the kinks, but there are some fully completed stages, they are: Heatman, Woodman, Quickman, and Bubbleman.
While not all the game is complete, it is still functioning and can be completed to the end, however I still reccomend using passwords to get to the wily stages because running around empty stages and just looking at graphics can get tiresome.
The music is also unchanged, but I might have someone working on that.
Some enemies have graphical changes as well, you'll find them in the completed stages.
Now for the issues, (yeah i saw it coming )
I want to edit the bosses and weapons, however I have no clue how to use the debugger, in it's entirety, in fceux. You see, I CAN use the debugger to set up breakpoints to find Hex values in the ROM. But I CAN'T figure out how to edit the ASM it'self. The debugger has an "inline Assembler" but I have no idea how to use it, and I can't find a single article on it, If anybody knows how to use it give me a heads up, thanks. P.S: any other little tips and tricks for editing bosses or weapons would be appreciated, thanks.
So here's the download link for the patch: just patch it to the original Rockman 2 (J) and it should be good 
As a final note, I posted about a year ago, a thread for a robot master contest for users to submit their robot master ideas. I've decided that now is the perfect time to use that idea so here's a link to that:  You can see the rules there so feel free to submit  So that's pretty much it the hack is not dead and I really am excited to see everyone's reactions. So enjoy the demo and feel free to leave comments, Thanks
ROM Hacking Discussion / Sonic Boy 2 (Jurassic Boy 2 Hack)
September 23, 2014, 04:49:28 PM
This is a Hack that just started as a stupid Idea I had last week but now I'm wondering if it would be kool as a actual hack. As the thread title suggests it's a hack of Jurassic boy 2, a bootleg game that is a rip off of Sonic The Hedgehog. All this hack does is changes Chen's sprite to Sonic's. I want to know if I should do anything else with this current hack so let me know. PS: I know the title screen isn't changed yet I still have to do that.
You can get it here :


Please let me know what you guys think!  :)
ROM Hacking Discussion / I Have Returned!
March 22, 2014, 10:58:01 PM
A good while ago I came on this site to share my ROM hacks with the world. The problem with it though was I wasn't very good at ROM hacking. Now I have returned and decided to give ROM hacking another go :)
Ok so this
is my main project. A while back I stopped ROM Hacking because I didn't know enough to do what I wanted to accomplish. Now though I can through this ROM hack. Here are some screenies http

I am making rapid progress but I still don't know how to program music into the game. I know this may be an outrageous request but if there is ANYONE who would like to compose the music and insert it into the game(or however you say that) please do so. I want this hack to be something special and I know for those who have read my posts before I know I said that a lot but I honest to god mean it this time.
Thanks: 32x1000  :D
Newcomer's Board / Super Mario Bros Help Needed.
January 25, 2014, 04:30:18 PM
I need help with a hack I am currently working on. In one called Super Mario VS Super Boy I was going to put both the layouts of the stages of super boy 1 and 2 in one stage. For instance in 1-1 I was going to have the first half being super boy 1's level and the second half being super boy 2's level. The problem is there are only twelve sections in each level of super mario bros, while the levels in super boy are 7 sections which means I'm 4 screens short ( considering the tall brick stair thing and the flagpole and castle). I want to make this hack as close to the original games as possible so I need help extending the levels to 16 sections. Any other help, or just tips, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
Newcomer's Board / How to use empty bank?
January 20, 2014, 06:17:04 PM
I just patched super mario bros and it gave me a free bank of space but I have no idea how to use it. I want to use it for 50% programing and 50% graphics but as I stated before I have no idea how to do that. If anybody knows that would be great :)
ROM Hacking Discussion / 32x1000's Hacks
January 19, 2014, 04:39:14 PM
This topic is just a way of me to showcase all of my hacks. Some people know a couple of them but some I have never shown to the public. Most people know of my Rockman Super Space hack (even though now it's called MegaMan quest to the all morai). So with said here is some info and screenshots of all my current projects (NOT IN ORDER OF RELEASE)

Megaman Quest to the all Morai: This hack has changed so much over time it's insane, but now I have decided to make it a hack of megaman 2. I now know how to place enemies without messing up the graphics. Unfortunately I still don't know how to change the music or anybody who does. All I know is it has something to do with NSF files ¯\(°_o)/¯.

Title Screen

Blast man's stage

Atlantis No Nazo 2: I know a lot of people who hate this game and think it's crap, but I think it has a "so bad it's good" charm. So I decided to make a hack of it. It is requiring some serious work in the controls department, in fact I think that's the main thing people complain about. I am currently searching through the rom trying to figure out how to fix the controls.

Just Random levels

Super Mario VS Super Boy: If you don't know who super boy is allow me to explain. Super boy was a Mario ripoff from the late 80s and early 90s. He stared in 4 games (Super Boy 1-4) 3 were for the MSX and one was for the master system. I thought it would be cool if these two characters clashed, in turn Super Mario VS Super Boy was born. The levels are loosely based on levels from the entire Super Boy line of games.

Title screen

Random Level Screenies

I know that some games that I have mentioned in the past before are not on this list, which is due to either the game being canned or being saved for a later time. Feel free to leave any comments about any of the games. :)
Newcomer's Board / Atlantis No Nazo Hacking?
January 13, 2014, 05:41:47 PM
I am currently experimenting in hacking with atlanis no nazo. I have no problems with graphics it's just I have no idea how to alter levels. I know there is not an editor online (trust me I looked TOO much for it). With that said I was wondering if anybody knew how to help me with my problem.
PS. The main character in the game has some wonky controls so if somebody knew how to fix that as well that would be great Thanks! :D
Tell me what you guys think of this new title screen :D

Oh yeah and here's a new standing sprite

Here's the new NEW title screen.

Tell me what you think  :D

A updated rom with new title (Just to prove I could fit it in the space I had with the amount of tiles)
NEW DEMO YAY!!! (patch to megaman 2 USA) PS. I gave the hack a new title but the title screen isn't finished. Also the only stage that is playable is heat man. There are no enemies Except for the boss(Also the boss has a new attack YAY!) :D
Hello my name is 32x1000 I am a nes rom hacker and have been working on a Megaman hack called "Rockman Super Space" for a long time. I am on the brink of finishing it. About 2 weeks ago I finally learned how to hack Nes games using hex... but I am stuck! I need to know what the addresses are for the robot masters (and Wily bosses if possible) PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE A DEADLINE TO MEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. I also need to know how to place enemies in different areas without the graphics being all garbled! THX
ROM Hacking Discussion / Super Mario Extreme!
December 12, 2013, 06:19:50 PM
Hello my name is 32x1000 I am a nes rom hacker. I am currently working on 2 projects that will be released all in one week. One game has been canceled BUT a new game has taken it's place! SUPER MARIO EXTREME!! :D This game I have actually started working on 2 years ago (holy cow it's been that long) The game is about 70% complete with a couple bugs that have to be ironed out in the end. I will be releasing screenshots soon.
I am currently working on a hack of Megaman 3 called "Rockman Super Space" While I can hack almost everything in the game I have absolutely no idea how to hack music and don't have time to learn how. Even if I learned how I can't put music on paper in notes I can come up with good song I just can't put them on paper. With that said I need some help with this. If anyone out there who knows how to hack nes music PLEASE help me with this project.
ROM Hacking Discussion / SUPER MARIO AND SONIC: Hack idea
November 17, 2013, 01:41:24 PM
Hello my name is 32x1000 I specialize in nes rom hacking. I am currently working on 2 projects 1) Rockman Super Space 2) Cannot be specified. I release a group of rom hacks on a single day called a "Hackathon". I thought that releasing 2 hacks on the same day would be enough but now I think 3 is an appropriate amount. With that said I am working on a third project called SUPER MARIO AND SONIC: Return to Subcon. I like others in the rom hacking community to get involved with MOST of my projects so I would love to hear your ideas and any programming help will be accepted. :D

Personal Projects / Robot Master Contest
November 10, 2013, 12:58:35 PM
If you are not aware, I am currently working on a Megaman 2 hack called "Rockman Super Space". I have decided to allow anyone to submit their robot master ideas and the top 8 will be picked for the game. Rules: 1 nothing inappropriate(Example: CrapMan or something like that). 2 Must include picture OR descriptive sentence. 3 Robot master names/designs must NOT be based on a copyrighted person,place, or thing (Example: Lady gaga man?) Also for a short note robot masters can be female. With that said enjoy creating those robot masters :)   

This is my first ROM hack ever. It is still in beta form but I am making rapid progress. 2 stages are complete (with the exception of the bosses). The 2 levels that are done are Heatman and Woodman. Please feel free to leave feedback on this project enjoy! :)
(sorry didn't know you couldn't have direct rom downloads so heres a patch :P)