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Moderation Edit: RHDN does not condone the modification of existing patches.

While I understand fan translators deserve recognition for the work they put in translating japan only video games, I feel adding intros and modifying title screens to include their team logo defaces and cheapens the experience. I truly appreciate the effort put in to translating/re-translated roms, and credit the translator/team in the file name of the rom: gametitle (country) [T-En by xxxx v1.0], everytime I select that rom to play I am reminded who translated it, then I start the game, a intro screen pops up with the team logo, yeah I was just thankful for you guyses work, nice logo you inserted, A, A, A, A, Start, Start, A, A, ok now the game is starting, oh, they managed to put their logo in the starting menu too, a little distracting as usually its just the games title, copyright info & press start is shown here, why didn't the team that originally made the game think of that? maybe they did and figured it would look too messy so they just included themselves in the ending credits, where credit for work is traditionally given.

I do not appreciate fan translators taking the liberty of altering title screens and inserting annoying intros, the rom file is named with credit given to the translation team, stick your name in the opening/ending credits sure, but don't be disrespectful and put your teams name above the original writers, composers, producer ect.

I am looking to remove intros & if possible restore title screens, has anyone here attempted this or know of any tools/documentation that can assist in the process? any help is greatly appreciated.

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