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Script Help and Language Discussion / Xenogears - 天帝
« on: November 24, 2017, 05:35:04 pm »
How would you translate 天帝 (てんてい)? It was officially translated as "Emperor", but I've looked it up in a Japanese dictionary, and found that 天帝 is literally the god of Christianity, Yahweh/God. In the 'Character' section of Xenogears Perfect Works, 天帝 is translated as "Providence". The Collins dictionary defines Providence as "God, or a force which is believed by some people to arrange the things that happen to us."

And if I should go with "Providence", I was thinking if it requires an article when in a sentence ("The Providence").

I need a little help with some of the interjections. They were poorly localized and I'm not used to translating interjections.

うっ - I have no idea what this means. Maybe it means surprise? The context:
The Yggdrasil was under attack from the sea. Fei jumps into the sea with Weltall to find out who was attacking the ship. It turns out it was Ramsus. This is the first time Ramsus sees the black Weltall. He mistakes it for the mysterious red Gear that almost killed him twice.




I don't know why Fei asked Ramsus "お前は". This isn't the first time they met. Maybe he means "お前か!?"? Or maybe he's mocking him? This line was translated as "Uh! You again!?".

うぉぉぉっ! - This is supposed to express pain, but I don't know exactly how to translate it into English. In the official translation, this is "Uuuooohhhh!". Maybe it should be "Arrrrgh!"?

むっ - Surprise, maybe?

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][PSX] Need a VWF for Xenogears
« on: October 26, 2017, 03:48:48 pm »
I need someone to apply Gemini's VWF hack to the game's main font. Knowing assembly language and how to use armips is necessary. It is also necessary to know how to use the command-line tools made by SadNES cITy Translations to extract the files from the CD (in Disc 1, the font is in folder 1, file 0028). I really, really need a small, better-looking font. Originally, the main font is fixed width and each letter is 8 pixels wide, even the "l", "f", and "i". Spaces and punctuation marks are also 8 pixels wide. It looks terrible and takes up too much screen space. This may not seem significant for the dialogue, but it's significant in the menus, and in battle. Because of this font, items, equipment and skills are limited to 12 characters. Enemy names are limited to 13 characters and their techniques and explanation are limited to 28 characters.

I want the font to look exactly like in the screenshots Gemini took. I don't think the special characters (á, à, â, ï, í, ì...) are necessary though. But I'll definitely need the pointy brackets ("<" and ">"), which were almost not used in the official translation.

Once the font's completed and ready for insertion, send me the file via email. Or post it somewhere where I can download it.

Edit: Now I'll need the special characters (ä, ë, ï, ö, ü...). There was at least one German word in the game that absolutely needs a diacritic character, and the word is "Cäsar" (the letter C of the German alphabet). "Casar" is another word from another language with another meaning ("to marry").

Gaming Discussion / Poll: Do you want a Xenogears remake?
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:55:00 am »
JRPG fans, do you want a Xenogears remake? If so, how do you want it to be remade? I often see Xenogears fans commenting on Youtube channels that they want an official remake of their favorite game, and that it "deserves more attention than Final Fantasy VII". Also, next year, Xenogears will be 20 years old. It's a shame Square Enix will miss the opportunity of releasing a remake of it in its 20th anniversary. Call me a fanboy if you like, but I think it's a masterpiece despite all its flaws.

This is how I want the remake to be like (besides adding all the cut content):

Character and Gear designs: I still want them to remain the same. Characters must be anime-like. It'd be a pity it if they were realistic-looking like in the FF7 remake.

Graphics: To be fair, I don't want the remake to be fully 3D. I don't mind if SE uses cel-shaded 3D graphics for characters while they're on the field or during cutscenes, but in battle, they must make non-SD, cel-shaded-looking, well-animated 2D sprites for both characters and human-size enemies. The 2D/3D graphical shift in the Guilty Gear Xrd games was a jaw-dropping achievement in game design. Not only its 2D character sprites were gorgeous and well animated, the game could shift between 2D sprites and 3D models in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you can't tell if they're 2D or 3D. Look:


I think Xenogears needs something like this.

Character development: some of the playable characters were veeery underdeveloped and become utterly useless after quite some time. Rico was unlikable to me, even though he reminds me of Blanka.

Gameplay: Combat needs some serious improvement. Difficulty needs some re-balancing. Some enemies were waaay too easy, and some were waaay too hard. Some enemies at the end of the game die with just 2 or 3 punches. Spells were largely useless and not tactical enough. There wasn't a single spell or ability that could inflict status changes on the enemies. Charging the Gears' fuel tank was a real pain, too. The "good" tank chargers could only be obtained in the game's second half, and for insanely high prices (the greatest tank-charging accessory in game could restore only 500 fuel per turn, and the greatest fuel tank had a maximum of 8,000 fuel. It'd take at least 16 turns to fill the greatest tank up if it was empty). And I felt there weren't enough special options for Gears (just a few Gear-exclusive attacks and an HP-restoring option. The HP-restoring option was a double-edged sword: its HP recovery was based on percentage, but so was its fuel consumption). Also, I think the dungeon design in the original game was horrible. All the poorly-designed dungeons should be redone from scratch (pretty much all of them). Fighting enemies while jumping or falling was the pits (Babel Tower, anyone?). Also, Maria had no deathblows. Just because she had no fighting style doesn't mean she couldn't have them. She was totally useless when battling on foot.

Maria needs a deathblow like this. lol

I don't mind extra content at all. One or two new superbosses would be nice for extra challenge. I don't mind new, secret dungeons either.

Voice acting: SE of America must hire professional voice actors. The voice acting in games like Metal Gear Solid and the God of War trilogy was just phenomenal. I think Xenogears deserves the same treatment.

Translation/Localization: A professionally-redone translation/localization would be nice. No lazy copy/paste translation like they did with Secret of Mana's remake.

What do you think of my opinions? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Discuss.

Edit: I forgot to say this. You are allowed to change your vote if you change your mind.

Hey there again. Is there anyone here who speaks Chinese? I was trying to re-localize Fei & Weltall's Deathblows. For those who don't know yet, this game's main character, Wong Fei-fong, is a homage to Chinese martial artist Wong Fei-hung. Fei's moves are said to be based on real Chinese martial arts moves, but Squaresoft's localization team left his deathblows in Japanese, so I thought it would be more logical to translate them into Chinese. But, I don't speak Chinese at all. So I searched for an online English-Chinese dictionary and pasted the kanji there. This was how I translated them:

Fei's Deathblows:
Raijin (武技雷迅)-> Leixun
Senretsu (武技千烈)-> Qianlie
Hagan (武技破岩)-> Poyan
Hoten (武技崩天)-> Bengtian
Tenbu (武技天舞)-> Tianwu
Ryujin (武技龍迅)-> Longxun
Koho (武技虎砲)-> Hupao
Fukei (超武技風勁)-> Fengjing
Chikei (超武技地勁)-> Dijing
Kakei (超武技火勁)-> Huojing
Suikei (超武技水勁)-> Shuijing
Kokei (超武技光勁)-> Guangjing
Yamikei (超武技闇勁)-> Anjing

Weltall's Deathblows:
Raigeki (武技雷撃)-> Leiji
Reppu (武技烈風)-> Liefeng
Raigo (武技雷轟)-> Leihong
Hazan/Hasan (武技破山)-> Poshan
Ryuten (武技竜天)-> Longtian
Juji/Jyuji (武技十字)-> Shizi
Raibu/Raimai (武技雷舞)-> Leiwu
Ryubu/Ryumai (武技龍舞)-> Longwu
Shinrai (武技震雷)-> Zhenlei
Kosho X (超武技光掌)-> Guangzhang
Goten X (超武技轟天)-> Hongtian
Kishin (機神黒掌)-> Heizhang

Weltall's special options:
Thor Wave (雷神波)-> Leishenbo
Flaming Hell (炎獄殺)-> Yanyusha

I dropped the 武技, 超武技 and 機神 because of the 12-character limit. Are my translations correct? Do I need to put any spaces?

Hey, guys. As you may already know, I'm doing a hack of Xenogears.

Thing is, I can't find the pointers for the enemy names or the enemy skill names at all (both are stored in the same files). I managed to find pointers for compressed archives (like the world maps and the kernel), it was easy, their tables were right at the beginning of each subfile. No calculation was needed, all I had to do was reverse the offset of each string (for example, if a string starts at 0x2AA, its pointer would be 0xAA02). But it doesn't look like this method works for the enemies or their skills. I've tried following this tutorial too, but I still couldn't find them. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Has anyone here ever attempted to hack this game before?

Gaming Discussion / PSX - No Color with S-Video?
« on: December 27, 2016, 10:30:46 pm »
Hi, guys. I got an off-brand S-Video cable for my Playstation consoles (PSX, PSone & PS2 slim) because I heard their picture is sharper than composite, but I'm having a little problem here. Well, it works just fine on my PS2 slim, but when the same cable is hooked up to my PSX or PSone, I get a B&W picture. Why is that? I tried pushing the connectors all the way in, but no luck.

For what it's worth, the TV set I use for my retro gaming is an old Sony Trinitron CRT with S-Video and composite jacks. The S-Video cable I got has 4 pins and came with 2 audio cables (left and right) and no composite cable.

Script Help and Language Discussion / [GBA] Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
« on: December 06, 2014, 01:35:16 pm »
Hey, guys. I still have a few doubts here concerning the translation. Can you help me?

皮のむねあて - should 皮 be "leather" or "hide"? It seems more convenient to choose "leather", but I could be wrong.
エルフのローブ - should this be "Elven Robe" or "Elfin Robe"? I don't know if there's a difference.
エバーシング - "Ever Sing" or "Eversing"? I couldn't find anything about this armor. Probably made up by Konami.

Also, I need better names for these 2 suits of armor. They must be as close as possible to the original Japanese; unfortunately, the literal translations won't fit.

かりゅうのよろい (火竜の鎧)
すいりゅうのよろい (水竜の鎧)

These two armors are identical in shape, but different in color, obviously because they're opposites. I was thinking of giving names of famous dragons to these two, but I couldn't find/remember of any.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Locating the VWF Width Table?
« on: November 29, 2014, 10:44:17 am »
How do you find it with a hex editor? I'm hacking the US version of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and I'd like to adjust the width of the special characters I've added (like "á", "ï", "ò", "û"...). Are they usually near the font, or they can be found anywhere?

So I've been replaying this Castlevania AoS Fix hack made by this Radagast guy, and to my surprise, I found out that some of his changes in the translation actually move away from the original content instead of making it more faithful to the Japanese version. While there were corrections (like renaming the Ronginus' Spear to "Longinus' Spear"), there's also some pointless little changes which alienated me back then, back to the time when I didn't know Japanese (that was 2 years ago, I think). I really believed the SotN names he included were more accurate. How wrong was I... *facepalm*

The file I downloaded has 2 patches:

Readme Description: "This patch fixes the enemy/item names that were incorrectly translated, and some general errors in item/monster/soul descriptions. Some enemy names were also changed to match Symphony of the Night."

Readme Description: "In case you didn't want the enemies renamed, this patch will just fix the various translation and description errors."

Problem is, both options contain the SotN changes for the enemies. For instance, the Alura Une (アルラ・ウネ) inevitably becomes "Venus Weed", and the Dead Warrior (デッドトルーパー) inevitably becomes "Valhalla Knight", just like in Symphony of the Night. The only difference I noticed between the two files is the Baselard dagger (in the aos-sotn-fix.ips, it's called "Basilard", and in the other one, "Baselard").

Even the enemy description changes were inaccurate in both patches. A few examples:

Alura Une's description:
Japanese: 血を吸って育ったウネ
Literal Translation: Une raised by sucking blood.
Official Translation: An Une raised on warm blood.
AoS Fix: Watered with human blood.

Dead Warrior's description:
Japanese: 馬を駆る侍の亡霊
Literal Translation: Horse-riding ghost of a samurai.
Official Translation: The horse-riding ghost of a dead samurai warrior.
AoS Fix: Undead knight who eternally seeks combat.

Why did he make these changes? :huh: The official translation was more accurate than his in these 2 cases.

What do you think? Should I make a hack of his hack to fix all this, or just tell him about these issues so he could fix it himself?

Gaming Discussion / Final Fantasy VIII - "...Whatever."
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:57:22 pm »
A comparison between the JP Squall & US Squall.

Funny how most of Squall's lines were reduced to just "whatever". :laugh:

Maybe this was why American fans hated him?

Gaming Discussion / How good is the Megami Tensei series?
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:55:22 pm »
How good is this SMT series? Is the story hard to understand? Can I play them in any order, or there's a specific order to understand everything? Which game would you recommend?

I haven't played any Atlus RPG other than Eternal Poison (PS2), which I think is just garbage.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy IX - God Save the Queen [PSX]
« on: April 07, 2014, 02:47:26 pm »
This is a hack that allows Steiner to equip Beatrix's sword, the Save the Queen. I took the liberty to modify some of the weapon's stats, damage calculation formula, price, and the items required to obtain it. Now it is stronger than the Ragnarok, and weaker than the Excalibur II, thus making it Steiner's 2nd strongest weapon in the game! The Save the Queen is no longer available in the last dungeon. Now you can get it a bit earlier, in the Black Mage Village's synthesis shop (Disc 4 only!), so you can kick the ass of all disc 4 bosses with it! ;D

I was originally planning to move it to Alexandria's synthesis shop so it could make more sense, but that one shares the same items with Lindblum's and Treno's.

Items required for synthesis:
-Ultima Sword
-Flame Saber (missable)

65,000 Gil

Weapon's stats:
Attack Power +92
Strength +2*
Speed +1*
Magic +2*
Spirit +5*

Elem-Def: Fire damage reduced to 50%*
Elem-Atk: None*
Status: None*

-Stock Break

Weapon formula:
Knight/Thief Swords

*Already set by default


EDIT: The voting has already ended. The patch is finally released, and you can download it in the link below:

Tools used:
Hades Workshop v0.23 (by Tirlititi)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Expanding Fixed Length Text?
« on: February 26, 2014, 12:32:03 pm »
Hi guys, I have some doubts about expanding fixed length text. I read Anusp's tutorial, but it doesn't say much about this. I also did some searches in the forum, but I couldn't find any similar thread. I've already learned how to hack absolute pointers (for variable length texts), it was easy; but fixed length is different. How do I expand this type of text? Do I have to move it to another bank inside the rom? Does it require assembly? I'd like to expand texts that are 7 characters long to 9.

Edit: More details. The rom I'm using is the NA version of FF6 (SNES), v1.1. I'm trying to expand the spell names, which are limited to 7 characters (the first one being the spell icon). There are other fixed length texts I want to expand too, like the item names or the esper attacks. Angelo did this already, but his patch is for version 1.0, so it won't work with my GBA Script hack (I tried to apply it, but the game crashed in a random battle).

Newcomer's Board / Script dump
« on: January 28, 2014, 08:51:59 am »
So I'm trying to learn how to do a script dump, but I have some doubts. Look at the image below. What is this "Script Information" for? What is this "Clean" option? Also, which extension should I choose to dump the text (.txt, .bin...)? I asked BRPXQZME about this, but I couldn't understand well. He told me it's a complex thing. By the way, I already calculated the text length in hex, and I'm using FF9's rom only as an example.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Translating laughs
« on: November 28, 2013, 05:50:17 am »
Hi, guys. I'm trying to translate some types of laugh in FF7. Some of them are evil, others not. I asked DS if he could help me, and he told me it's quite difficult to translate them.

うひょ うひょ うひょ!
This is Palmer's laugh. I have no idea of how it's supposed to sound in English.

I guess this one is the typical evil laugh. It's not loud, but it appears so many times in the game. It's used by Sephiroth, Rufus, and Hojo (most of the time).

クァッ クァッ クァッ!
This is Hojo's laugh, but he sounds crazier than ever. He laughs like this only once, when you're fighting him.

This is Heidegger's laugh. Is "Gahaha" good enough?

This is Scarlet's. It's really "Kyahaha" in Japanese.

Newcomer's Board / About creating patches for multi-disc PSX games
« on: October 22, 2013, 03:05:46 pm »
There's something I'd like to know about creating patches for multi-disc PSX games. When I create a patch, do I have to create one patch for each disc, or only one patch for all discs? I'm quite curious about this.

Newcomer's Board / How to calculate pointers properly
« on: October 02, 2013, 02:51:06 pm »
Hi. I'm trying to find a pointer in Final Fantasy VII located in the BATTLE.X file, and elongate the string by 1. I changed the word "Peerless" to "Invincible", but the game points to the "n" instead of the "I" (because that's where the string of the word "Peerless" starts), so it appears as "nvincible".

The string starts at the offset 00340596 (NOTE: I removed the first 8 bytes, so the file is decompressed). I tried to calculate it following the same example in Madhacker's tutorial (for NES games), so I guess it should be like this: 96 05 (correct me if I'm wrong). This should be the Pointer Value (I guess), but then I tried to change it to the new Pointer Value, but nothing happened when I tested the game. Should I include the 34 too? I suck when it comes to find/change pointers. :(

Hi, I'm having some trouble translating some names. These names here are the Materia names I'm trying to translate:


I guess the ふうじる Materia (translated as "Seal") should have a different name, because I've already renamed ふういん (translated as "Contain") as "Sealed". And maybe the ちりょう Materia (translated as "Heal") should renamed as "Treat" or "Treatment", but I don't know which one is better. Any suggestions?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy VII - how do I resize this thing?
« on: September 20, 2013, 04:56:48 pm »
This message box (the attack/skill box) wasn't this big in the Japanese version. I believe it wasn't meant to be the same size as the battle message box. Anybody knows how to resize it?

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