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Hey people,

I'm using this thread to announce the French, Spanish and Hungarian translation patches for Clock Tower: The First Fear.

Because of issues with the script, the French version is still a WIP.
For those that are interested in trying it out anyway, the download page is here:

The Spanish version has been released! It can be downloaded here:

The Hungarian patch can be downloaded here:

Hi people,

The English patch for the PSX version of Clock Tower: The First Fear has been released:

I welcome suggestions about anything at all, and if anyone tries it out, please tell me how it goes!
Please report back here if there are any problems with applying the patch. The patch is in XDELTA format, and is based on a .cue/.bin rip.
In most cases the patch will truncate the image.

We're also working on Spanish and French translations, which should be released very soon.

Hi people, I'm the hacker for the English translation of Clock Tower The First Fear (for PSX). The project has been on a bit of a hiatus because of the need for a custom English font. If anyone can give us a hand with this, it would be deeply appreciated. We have a forum thread dedicated to the hack:

The specs for the font are:
- max character dimensions: 8x15
- max number of colours: 4 (encoded using 2 bits per pixel), but preferably 2
- should be variable width (so a width table needs to be provided)

If anyone with the skills is interested, please PM me and I will send you the required character set.

Hey people, I'm currently working on a translation hack for the PSX version of the horror game Clock Tower: The First Fear. For those that don't know, its a 2D point and click horror game that was first released for the SFC. I absolutely love the concept, and I wish more games were made in its style!

For various reasons, the translation will not be based off the one by Aeon Genesis' for the SFC version. Enetirnel (Lamont) is the translator of this version, you can find her site here:
A link to a thread on the Don't Cry Jennifer forums concerning the hack:

This is my first hack, thankfully it was relatively simple to pull off and the project is almost complete, with just a few minor things left to fix up.
For those that don't know, the PSX version contains a few extra scenes that are not in the original.

The hack should be relatively complete in a couple of months, and I'm hoping it will generate at least a small renewal in interest for the series.

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