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Personal Projects / A Link to the Past: Redux-Relocalized
« on: May 17, 2020, 09:42:15 pm »
Greetings. My name is BlazeHeatnix, and I am not a romhacker. I don't know the first damned thing about romhacking. I don't know my way around a hex editor, and tend to rely on editors other people have made to get a job done.

So why am I here? Well, I've noticed that nobody has really bothered to retranslate Zelda 3. The general consensus seemed to be that the translation is good enough and that you understand the story well enough, or that Zelda's narrative wasn't worth the effort because "nobody really cares". I wasn't quite in agreement: there are more than a few details in the game that are either left out of the English release, inconsistent with what we know from later Zelda games, or just plain wrong. Not only that, but Z3's script is just plain sloppy in a few areas and indicative of early 90s half-baked translation efforts. Even the GBA port does not fix most of its flaws. So, I made it my mission to rewrite the game's script to be, well, better. My main goal with this hack was to make things more consistent with A Link Between Worlds, to add more flavor where it helps, and cut down on wordiness and overly verbose language.

As the title may suggest, I used the Redux hack by ShadowOne333 as a base. All features, including the new UI, are included. So for now, this is an addendum hack. This is because I originally planned to give this hack to a friend as we played the Zelda series together. However, I don't intend to release V1.0 with the Redux features included.

Looking for testers here. Any questions, concerns, bug reports, or suggestions are accepted. Keep in mind that the intro narration is unfinished, the Triforce speech is untested, and none of the menu item names have been changed yet.

-In the original script, Hylians are said to be an ancient race that are mostly gone save for Link and Zelda. This has been retconned with later games: if you have pointed ears, you are a Hylian. By that logic, Hylians are still around in both this game and ALBW. Instead, I've made it so only the language is long gone, and that Hylians were only more prosperous in ancient times, not that they're gone.
-Zelda describes the priest in the Sanctuary as "the pastor", and later "Father". Only in the credits is he called "The Loyal Priest". I didn't like Zelda referring to him as "the old man" as that seems too impersonal for her, and downplays his religious role.
-Agahnim is still referenced in ALBW as being a wizard, not a priest. In the intro, I've written that he was a wizard AND a priest. I'm debating on changing all instances of "priest" back to "wizard", however, to avoid confusion between him and the Sanctuary priest.
-"Aginah" has been renamed to "Azinar".
-"Book of Mudora" is now "Mudora's Tome". This communicates better that Mudora is the author, and that they are his scholarly writings.
-"Magic Cape" is now "Magic Mantle". That's what it is. It's not a cape.
-"Bug-Catching Net" is now just "Bug Net".
-"Cane of Byrna" is now "Cane of Byra".
-"Pond of Happiness" is now "Spring of Good Fortune".
-"Skeleton Forest" is now "Skull Woods". This was obviously an oversight anyway.
-"Village of Outcasts" is now "Thieves' Town", as in ALBW.
-"Swamp of Evil" is now "Misery Mire" as in ALBW. Plus, there is already a "Swamp Palace" in the Dark World counterpart of the "Great Swamp". That's enough swamps.
-"Desert of Mystery" is now "Desert of Doubt". This not only ties into the Four Swords Adventures desert of the same name, but has alliteration in common with "Misery Mire".
-A few cues have been taken from the GBA port. For example, the first guard you talk to outside your house encourages you to keep talking for tutorial hints. In the original, only the last guard said that.
-I plan on extending the intro to include more details to the legend, as the GBA port added, but the intro is on a timer, and I need to figure out how to extend the timer first.
-All male-specific pronouns have been removed. All references to Link and the "Hero" are now gender-neutral. This wasn't done for political reasons; compared to the English release, only two or three throwaway lines of dialog in the Japanese version specifically refer to Link as male. This was clearly intentional on Nintendo's part, so I've done what I can to complete that.
-There's a CD-I Zelda reference somewhere. See if you can spot it!


-Initial public release.

A Link to the Past: Redux

New localization:


Lore consultant:

    ZScream Text Editor - Zarby89
    Hyrule Magic - Sephiroth3

Download V0.2.1:

I want to relocalize Zelda: A Link to the Past, and plan on using the ALTTP Redux hack as a base.

I have edited all 396 monologues to the best of my ability, but there are two I'm having trouble with, and can't seem to edit in Hyrule Magic:

1: The intro narration automatically changes scenes after a certain point, regardless of whether all the text has been loaded. The GBA version extends the sequence with more details, with the zoom into the castle coming much later. How do I achieve this effect?

2: The ending monologue (line 371 in HM) cannot be completely edited in HM. How do I edit this, and if it involves hex, can you explain it to me like I'm 5?

In addition, I want to change some of the item names in the inventory. I know this will require hex work, but guides on how to do this are confusing to me. This is my first attempt to hack any kind of game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / What happened to ROMhacking culture?
« on: June 01, 2019, 09:00:19 pm »
No, I don't mean the website's culture. I'm talking about the culture behind romhacks themselves. If you look at many of the hacks made prior to 2009 or so, most of them are either spoofs or trying to remake the game into something original.

Here's 3 romhacks for Simon's Quest from 1998-2002:
Notice that the first and third are spoofs that add in a bunch of things from other NES games and changes much of the text to be mostly edgy or unfunny one-liners. These kinds of hacks were VERY common back in the day, especially with RPGs like Final Fantasy. The second is a total conversion with a new story, new sprites, and new level design. It's not even labeled as a Castlevania game anymore.

But then, compare the most recent hacks from 2016-2018:
These hacks are taken much more seriously in approach. They don't do anything wholly original: rather they're focused on taking the game that's already there, and improving it in an objectively superior way. The goal of these hacks is to rewrite history. To be so seamless that they make you believe this is what the game was all along. To combine with each other to make what will eventually be the "definitive" version of the game that everyone plays by default.

Another example is Mega Man 1. Sorted by date, take a look at how the hacks for this game have changed since 2001. We've gone from people remaking the game into brand new MM games with new graphics to just...adding the Rockman title screen and changing the R to an M. Something as simple as a title screen edit is getting more and more popular nowadays. 15 years ago, such a hack would've been considered so minor and so pointless it probably would've been rejected by whoever hosted the hack.

So, I have to wonder how this change in hacking philosophy came about. It kinda fascinates me. What was the catalyst? Was it Sonic 3 Complete? Simon's Quest: Redacted? I'm not trying to suggest that new or old hacks are better, I'm just genuinely curious looking at how people's tastes have changed.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Getting expanded sound out of an NES rom?
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:12:47 am »
We have a fantranslation for the original FDS version of Zelda 1&2, but the FDS required an annoying amount of load time. There are hacks for the NES versions to make them a bit closer to the FDS original such as putting in the original font, but because NES systems normally don't contain expanded audio, the original music and SFX of the FDS versions are still replaced, many of which sound inferior. This also goes for any games with extra chips, like VRC6.

However, shouldn't it be possible to hack the cart version of Zelda to let FDS audio play if expanded audio support is detected? And if not, play the stock sound? Or if that's not possible, to just replace the sound entirely? Or does that depend on the mapper?

Basically, I want to know why we don't have music hacks on Mega Man for example that change the music to be VRC6 or VRC7 quality. I apologize if this seems like a stupid question, because I don't know much about romhacking. :huh:

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