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After months of hard work, R06g is finally ported to the PSX. This has been a nightmare, and me not having programming skills makes it all the more difficult, but now it's done. All bugs reported so far are now solved, but please test the game and report any issue you find.

The only part that remained unchanged are chocobo names. The original game allows a maximum of 6 characters per chocobo, and the retranslation (see row 189 to 236) renames the chocobos with longer names so those cannot be imported. If any of you know how to hack this, please let me know. The file is called CHOCOBO.BIN inside the "MINI" folder.

You will need the original US version with the correct size and CRC-32:

Disc 1 (SCUS-94163): 747.435.024 bytes
CRC-32: 1459cbef

Disc 2 (SCUS-94164): 732.657.408 bytes
CRC-32: a997a8cc

Disc 3 (SCUS-94165): 659.561.952 bytes
CRC-32: 1c27b277

If you don't have the original ISOs please contact me using the contact form of my blog:

I tested the game and everything is ok, but please report any bugs, dialogue issues, windows positions, spell errors, etc.

Hello guys

I've seen that three different romhackers have translated this beautiful game:


Now I'm trying to translate this game into Spanish, and not only that, additionay I'm explaining the whole process step by step in my blog:

I have a problem with one TIM file which has multiple CLUTs.

As you can see the palette in the original files is different from the palette in the translated files. I would like you to help me, since I'm a newbie and I don't know how to fix this issue.

The game should look like this:

My translation look like this:

If you visit my last entry in my blog you will understand where the problem is:

The problem has something to do with different palettes used by the same file.

Can you please let me know how can I fix this?

Thank you and regards!