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Personal Projects / Lufia 2 Compendium Editor
« on: January 13, 2013, 02:34:30 pm »
Hello all,

This is actually a project I wanted to work on for quite some time. The idea is to load all monsters,items,IPs,spells from a rom and allow the user to modify/edit these freely. I've got some screens of the actual thing running, but I still need to smoothen several things out before I'll upload the actual executable. The C++ source code will be in GPL2 license, so it'll be freely available for anyone. At the moment it can read/write stuff back into the rom, but only stuff that doesn't modify the length of the data in the game (e.g. data values such as HP, ATK etc only). In order to actually get modified scripts new monsters in there I first need to have the tool expand the rom and redirect the relevant pointers.

Here's an example of a common enemy on display in the my current working version. The quircky thing is that its attack script tries to recover some HP, but as far as I know this doesn't work in the actual game.

My main reason for posting here is, because I've gained almost all knowledge about the data in Lufia 2 from Relnqshd's documentation. However, since he no longer actively deals with hacking Lufia I'm wondering if there are other people who can help me fill up the gaps that are left over. For convinience and bookkeeping I've attached the relevant documents in a zip file found here:

 -Effects (containing all battle script commands)
 -IP data format
 -Item data format
 -Capsule Monster data format
 -Spell data format

The last two contain data that I compiled following the same construct as Relnqshd's other documents. The point is that several documents still miss relevant information for making a proper editor. Therefore, I'll gladly accept any missing information and of naturally give you proper credit for it. Here's a short list of things that are still unknown to me at this moment. These battle script opcodes are still blanks to me:

42 21 00 Used by a lot of IP's (e.g. Thunder Blast) 
42 22 00 Used by a lot of IP's (e.g. Devastation & other dividers) -> perhaps to ensure base damage = actual damage? 
42 23 00 Used by a lot of IP's (e.g. Blaze attack) 
44 ....  Used by a lot of IP's (e.g. Fury Force) 
4D ....  Used by a lot of IP's (e.g. Confusion) 
1D ....  Used by the Dark Warrior's Action script, I have no idea what this does 
30 ....  Used by the Nosferato 
50 ....  Used by Reviver & Miracle IP's 

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