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ROM Hacking Discussion / Tetris Zero? Music error
« on: July 07, 2018, 10:24:58 am »
Has anyone ever played the "Tetris Zero" hack? It implements two-player Tetris on the Nintendo version. The sped-up music that plays when your blocks are near the top of the screen, keeps restarting in the two-player game. It's the one flaw in this otherwise amazing hack.

Gaming Discussion / Final Fantasy I 3DS remake
« on: February 08, 2015, 07:04:49 pm »
Final Fantasy I has been remade as a 3DS game in Japan (hopefully coming to America): I've searched the internet but been unable to find out if it follows the original gameplay or if it's the horrible, awful, dumbed-down GBA/PSP/mobile versions that has your characters level up 2x faster than the original. Anyone know? I really hope it's the original gameplay.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals updates
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:20:14 am »
Final Fantasy V deserves the love that Final Fantasy IV and VI have gotten (doesn't it?). This is a place for anyone to post suggestions for improvements to Spooniest's Legend of the Crystals patch (which smooths out some of the rough edges of the RPGe translation), to be implemented by Digitsie. The end-goal would be to combine this with the other fix-up patches out there to create a single restoration patch to provide the ultimate FF V SNES experience. The goal isn't to change the game.

I'm playing through the game now, so I'll post about any typos I find, awkward dialogue, inconsistent names, etc., or other suggestions I have. I invite others to do the same! It'll be Digitsie's call for what he actually wants to do since he's the one planning to do this.

For reference, there's a webpage that shows the translations and Japanese for all the game's terms, names, items, etc.:

Here are my first few suggestions.

1) Bartz tells Lenna, "My dad... He said for me to travel the world and see things..." That's grammatically possible, but oddly expressed. It should be corrected to "He told me." Or! It could be punched up to the GBA's colorful "Yeah! You know, it was my dad's dying wish that I go out and travel the world." I'm not suggesting that the GBA translation override the old one (that would be bad), but where there are typos or oddities to fix, it could be an opportunity to pop in a few sayings.

2) I hope I'm not stepping on Spooniest's toes by saying that I think the change to the line about Bartz being "hard up" is not an improvement over RPGe's "Say what you want, but isn't the truth that you just want to be with this girl?" The problem with the "hard up" line is that (besides being very colloquial) it's not that Bartz is sexually desperate (which is what "hard up" means), but that he's attracted to Lenna. The GBA here has a great line: "What a sweet-talker! As if you don't have the hots for the little missy." I'd argue for changing it back to what RPGe had or inserting the nice GBA line.

3) I'd love to see "Wounded" changed to "KO'd," which is still in usage and has great nostalgic feel!

4) Chocobos say "Kweh" now. Probably too trivial to change.

5) A typo: Bartz tells his Chocobo: "Boco, it's dangerous ahead. You've got stay back here." Obviously that's supposed to have a "to" in it. But let's go deeper! The GBA has: "Boko, I think this is gonna be a little too dangerous for chocobos. You stay here, okay?" That sounds good.

6) Boco should become Boko? Probably too trivial.

7) Is changing enemy names possible? Because if it is, Dearo could become Devil Crab (using the il digraph so it's only 9 characters, which appears to be the maximum)!

That's as far as I've got so far.

Personal Projects / Final Fantasy II Renovated
« on: April 03, 2013, 11:29:01 am »
Update: Project complete; playtesting

Final Fantasy II for the NES is a good, and under-appreciated, game that improves upon the original in several ways, even though, taken as a whole, it falls short of its predecessor. The game has a few shortcomings that make it somewhat user-unfriendly (plus a few bugs, though not nearly as many as the original). I believe that I can at least partially compensate for its shortcomings by using Lenophis's Jade utility.

It's my goal to make modest, very specific improvements to the game, as outlined below. I invite feedback from other FFII fans, because through dialogue we may come to a clearer sense of what should be done. (Lenophis and The Lettuce King have already done something similar, but not so similar as to make this project superfluous.)

I plan to upload my hack as a bundle of specific patches, so people can pick and choose, if they so desire. The patches will be:
1) Equipment updates
2) Spell and item updates
3) Monster update
4) Translation update

I invite feedback on each section.

1) EQUIPMENT (patch at

Elemental defense on Flame armor and Ice armor swapped
Buckler, Bronze armor, and Mythril armor magic penalty reduced to 10
Defense on cuirasses reduced by 3, 5, 5, 7, and 7 to 2, 5, 10, 15, and 36
Silver cuirass cost 400 Gil becomes 800 Gil
Ruby cuirass cost 800 Gil becomes 2000 Gil
Gold cuirass 1000 Gil becomes 5000 Gil
Diamond cuirass sale price 1000 Gil becomes 10,000 Gil
Phin now sells Ruby cuirass instead of Gold; Island shop now sells Gold instead of Ruby
Defense on Black Robe reduced by 5 to 30.
Magic penalties removed from all defensive equipment with penalties of 1 or 2
Power of Ripper increased by 7 to 76, and special effect removed
Power of Demon Axe increased by 15 to 42
Magic penalty on Swords (except Blood Sword) reduced to 10 (Excalibur reduced to 5)
Magic penalties removed from Bows, Knives, Staves (except Power, whose penalty is reduced to 10), and Diamond Mace
Magic penalty on Mace, Mythril Mace, Werebuster reduced to 10

2) SPELLS & ITEMS (patch at
Maria starts with Aura 3
Maria starts with 30 HP (so Bow 1 won't kill her in the back row)
Firion starts with Basuna 4, Wall 5, and Barrier 3
Phin sells Scourge (2000 Gil) instead of Dispel
Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Drain power 10 > 16
Scourge power 10 > 24
Sleep, Blind, Fear accuracy 50 > 80
Stun, Curse, Sap accuracy 40 > 64
Stop, Confuse, Silence accuracy 30 > 48
Flare power 20 > 32
Holy power 15 > 24
Fog accuracy 20 > 32
Warp accuracy 10 > 16
Break accuracy 20 > 32
Toad accuracy 30 > 32
Exit accuracy 0 > 8
Death accuracy 10 > 40
Mini accuracy 20 > 28
Basuna, Esuna, Barrier, Blink, Protect, Shell, Wall, Aura, Haste, and Berserk accuracy 50 > 100
Ultima works like Flare (I hope)
Bell of Silence becomes Zeus's Wrath (casts Bolt 16)
Thunder Gigas and Blue Dragon can drop Zeus's Wrath instead of Gil
Wyvern casts Blaze 14
Garlic casts Garlic 16
Spider's Silk casts Slow 16
Hourglass casts Stop 16
Death Idol casts Fear 16
Gaia Drum casts Quake 16
Wind Flute casts Cyclone 16
Hellfire casts Fire 10 (This also means Magicians now cast Fire 10!)
Conch shell targets the whole party instead of the caster

3) MONSTERS (patch at
Skull, Chimera Sphinx, Mega Parasite, Wolf Devil, Fiend, Salamander, Hecteyes, Abyss Worm, Mantis Devil, Coeurl, Lamia Queen, Thunder Gigas, & Red Dragon MP reduced to 240 (so that Sap works against them)
Wererat is a were beast
Emperor (2) casts Meteo 10 (again) instead of Dispel 16
Borghen HP 240 > 450
Zombie Borghen HP 2500 > 5000
Pirate HP 45 > 100
Emperor (1) HP 1290 > 2500
Tiamat & Beelzebub ("Satan") HP 5000 > 10,000
Astaroth HP 7000 > 10,000
Emperor (2) HP 10,000 > 20,000


Font and icons from Final Fantasy Restored! (So good!)
A COMPLETE overhaul of the translation of all items, spells, etc.
Fixed about a dozen typos in the dialogue. (The original translation by NeoDemiforce will remain unaltered unless people suggest specific improvements.)
Names that are changed are below. Suggestions very welcome!

The potion icon is imported from Final Fantasy Restored and has been added to several items, but removed from EyeDrops

[Potion icon]An[ti]dote
[Needle icon]Needle
ZusWrath [in place of Bell of Silence]

The shield, sword, knife, and staff icons are imported from Final Fantasy Restored. The mace icon remains for the maces.

Mythril Shield
Golden Shield
Mythril Dagger
Mythril Mace
Mage’s Staff
Wizard’s Staff
Healing Staff
Mythril Spear
Thunder Spear
Mythril Sword
Wing Sword
Gaia Sword
Mythril Axe
Mythril Bow
Dark Bow
Yoichi’s Bow

The cap, ring, ribbon, helmet, bracelet, gloves, robe, light armor (= cuirasses), and heavy armor icons are imported from Final Fantasy Restored. I also use the Needle icon for the Hairpin.

Mythril Helm
Giant’s Helm
Mythril Armor
Golden Armor
Knight’s Armor
Gold Cuirass
Mythril Gloves
Thief’s Gloves
Giant’s Gloves

Spell scrolls

Dispel is removed because it doesn't work.


Spells (menu)

I imported the white and black magic icons from Final Fantasy Restored. Because this adds a 5th display character, there is no longer a blank space after each name. On the main menu, this will only matter if you reach level 10, so for instance you might see "OCure10" instead of "Cure 10." In battle, the names touch as in the screenshot at the top. Which looks fine.


Monster names
AD69 Sasquach 9
AD79 Stalact[it] 9
AD82 Stalagm[it] 9
AD9B Adaman[ti]s 8 95
ADA3 Turtle 7
ADAE OgreMage 8
ADB6 OgrChief 9
ADC7 Zm2Heads 8
AE29 Gottos 7
AE3F Gorgimer 8
AE53 Dv[il]Bloom 9 278
AE5C Ki[ll]rFish 8 286
AE64 ElecFish 8
AE72 Cockatr[ic] 8
AE80 Buccaner 7
AE87 ZmBorgan
AE97 Rhino 6 343
AE9D PoisToad 8
AEA5 Gigntoad 9
AEB6 SeDragon 8
AEBE Land Ray 7
AEC5 MantaRay 8
AECD FlyinRay 8
AEE0 Parasite 8
AEE8 MParas[it]e 9
AEF9 Dev[il]Wolf 9
AF06 PitFiend 7
AF0e Malboro
AF0d LMalboro
AF15 GMalboro
AF26 Salamndr  8
AF2e IcLizard 9
AF37 Eyemoeba 9
AF40 Hecteyes 9
AF49 Roundwrm 7
AF68 Marshm[ll]w 9
AF78 Red Soul 7
AF7f GrenSoul 7
AF86 Ye[ll]wSoul 8
AE00 EmShadow
AFA6 K[ll]rMan[ti]s 8
AFAe Mn[ti]sKing 8
AFB6 Mn[ti]sDev[il] 9
AFBf RylGuard 9
AFC8 BlKnight 8
AFd0 DthRider 7
AFD7 WodGolem 9 669
AFe0 StnGolem 9
AFE9 MthGolem 8
AFF7 GbliGuard 9
b000 GbPrince 8
B024 Sergeant
B04e Wrpanthr 7
B055 Coeurl 7
B062 LamQueen 9 807
B06b Hi[ll]Gigas 9
B074 FirGigas 9
B07d IceGigas 9
B086 ThnGigas 9
B096 WhDragon 8
B09E GrDragon 8
B0A6 BlDragon 8
B0AE RdDragon 8
B603 IrnGiant
B611 Beelzbub 9
B61A Astaroth

(in battle)
Names that are over 4 characters do not display the level afterward

Thunder 7
B152 Blizzard 8
B15A Scourge 7
B161 Drain 5
B166 Aspil 6
B16C Flare 5
B171 Sleep
B177 Stun
B181 Confuse 7
B188 Blind 4
B18C Curse
B197 Break 5
B19C Death
B1A5 Berserk 6
B1AB Haste
B1B9 Raise 6
B1BF Basuna 7
B1C6 Esuna 6
B1CC Barrier 7
B1D3 Blink 5
B1D8 Protect 8
B1E0 Shell
B1Ec Silence 8
B1F4 Sap 4
B201 Swap 5
B213 Ultima
B21B Heal 4
B21F Drops 6
B225 An[ti]dote 8
B22D Cross 6
B233 Mallet
B23C Needle
B243 Phoenix
B255 Soul up 7
B25C Int. up 8
B264 Imbibe 7
B26B Blaze
B271 Icestrm
B278 Thndblt
B27F Poison
B28A Gaze
B621 Charm
B627 Dstruct
B634 Cyclone 7
B63B Tsunami 8
B643 Garlic
B64E Boulder 6
B654 Blaster 6
B65A Starfa[ll]

Also, if there are any programmers out there looking for a worthy project: Consider trying to fix some of the bugs in the game. Specifically:
When the whole party is attacked by magic, Firion's spirit goes up instead of everyone's magic defense.
The middle two characters get targeted most often
Protect affects only the caster
Dispel doesn't work; it's supposed to remove elemental defenses
Fix the error in Parasyte's hack (when Maria cancels a spell or run, it sometimes makes her Power go up)

Thanks to:
Lenophis, for creating Jade and the DTE fixer upper
NeoDemiforce, for translating this game to begin with
Parasyte, for fixing the weapon/spell exploit and the messed up NeoDemiforce intro screen
AstralEsper and everyone upon whose work she built, for inspiring me to try to help out this game

There's a patch for FFII (NES) that is supposed to fix the bug where cancelled actions still result in skill increases. I applied it, but it only stopped weapons from leveling; spells can still be exploited. Anyone know anything about that?? Has anyone developed a fix for the spells?

I am working on a modest improvement hack of Final Fantasy II (NES), using Lenophis's Jade utility. Unfortunately, if I change any text with DTE enabled, some of the characters will show up weirdly on-screen. For example, capital M and lower-case h look garbled, or there is a little dot next to capital D. Without DTE, I won't be able to complete the hack as I had envisioned it. Has anyone used this utility, or do you know what my problem is? Thanks!

(I know that there is a patch to make DTE work for the monster names, which I applied, but I haven't even gotten to the monster names yet.)

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