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Newcomer's Board / Failure at ROM corrupting(Erosion)
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:15:39 pm »
I've tried to corrupt a Mega Man ROM just to see how messed up it is, with Erosion, and tried playing around with the settings, but always fail (when I try to load the file in the emulator, it says "Invalid File!"). What am I doing wrong? What bytes, power, etc. should I corrupt? There are no specific tutorials I can find for this thing.

The question is simple: Can anyone show what to put in a batch file to extract the data?
I already know the command to load a file (in this case a bin file):
LoadFile "c:/Users/User/Folder/File.bin"
And how to choose the destination path:
But I don't know the command to extract data!

I need help with this Earthworm Jim 2 Editor:,14658.0.html
Even with the developer's fully fledged manual, I can't figure out how to extract RNC data like it says. :'(
I followed what the manual said: I loaded the ROM in WinHex (called Earthworm Jim 2.2.bin)and went to the offset I wanted (in this case Anything
But Tangerines enemies OBJ.RNC: 1ecd7e), but when I went to there, it only went to 1ecd70, and in the E section, I could only see two numbers (in this
case two 3s), and not any of the bytes described, so I couldn't copy them. I need help! You could tell me what to do, or make a Youtube video about
extracting RNC data. Or, easier, you can upload pre-extracted versions of all the RNC files in the game. I tried asking for help on the original page, but nobody responded, even when I added more to the page, so I made this one instead.
Also, might be good for someone to make an object listing for all objects in the first Earthworm Jim and Aladdin. PLEASE HELP!
Here's a picture of what I see in WinHex:

February 23, 2013, 02:11:50 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Sorry, I'm new at images, so I can't show it. But, here's a text interpretation of it:
                   0   1   2   3   4  5    6   7    8   9   A   B   C   D    E    F
001ECD70 | F0 00 00 00 00 22  00 33  06  83 63 33  23  38  33  88

There's many more lines of text on the screen, and buttons at the top, but this shows what's important.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SNES/Genesis "Beginner" Difficulty Hacks
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:18:04 pm »
As you may know, the platformers during the 16-bit era are "insanely hard" compared to even the "hard" difficulty on today's games. Not talking about SMW/DKC/whatever.
I'm talking about Super Star Wars, EWJ, Toy Story, Mickey Mania, Lion King, all that stuff.
So, as it's impossible to get modern gamers to not get so stressed out with these games (I cannot complete Super Star Wars even on the "Easy" setting), someone
should make difficulty hacks to add an extra "Beginner" difficulty so they CAN enjoy those games and say they're the average level of difficulty, giving more positive reviews.

Here's examples of what could be done:
*Removing enemies.
*Only have 50% damage, have enemies be killed in less hits, and more lives.
*Infinite continues.
*Adding safety platforms.
*Making items more common in levels.
*Adding hints (?)
*Disabling autoscrolling.
*With Contra III: The Alien Wars, I think it would be great to remove some sub-bosses, add a meter system for damage (big change), and add extra lives as an item (show player's head) that is fairly common.
*With Toy Story and Mickey Mania, add more hit points. I know MM uses a five-finger hand, but come on, there should be more hit points.
Is anyone interested in that kind of project of Romhacking? Thank you. :D

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