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Hi there, I've been working on a simple relocalization of the original The Legend of Zelda where I'm mostly have taken use of Clyde "Mato" Mandelin's excellent translations. It has been more or less finished for quite some time but being quite new to the world of rom hacking I hit a wall on two things I wanted accomplished.  :banghead: So I'm posting here in the hope some of you great people could help me out.

My first problem is the Save Option Screen. The original Japanese options says Continue, Quit and Retry or Start Over I guess along with their English counterparts. The last option made a lot of sense on the FDS system as it brings you back to the Select Screen without the need to insert Side A then switch to Side B and then try again. NES owners could as well hit the reset on the actual console instead.

Anyway, I wanted to have it centered and expand the text but in doing so the flashing red palette seen when you select one of the options doesn't match the lenght of the text and its position and the heart cursor is obviously still in the original position. So my problem is, I havent't been able to find where the cursor and flashing red palette for the text is located in the rom. Anyone familiar with the rom who can please help me out with this. I guess I could drop the & Quit part but why make it easy for yourself.  ;)

Left: original Right: mockup

My second problem is the dialog of Zelda in the ending. Her lines were the only ones which weren't updated to be typed without additional spacing. The Japanese text is always written on two lines with additional space between the lines for readability and allocated for special characters I guess. The NES version used that space in order to fit one additional line of text except for this single line. I thought it would be nice to have some consistency but have been unable to solve this. Any idea if it's possible and where the pointer for that text is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The rom I'm working with is the PRG0 version.

Btw, here's my text cleanup done on the opening screens:

I restored the foliage next to the title in the story which went missing when they added The to the title and restored the parchment paper that Link is holding from the Japanese original as I always thought the NES version looked poor in comparison. Not the best line breaks on it but I think it's an overall improvement. The story text is far from perfect but the color coding and limited time it's on the screen makes it a bitch working on. Any feedback is of course welcomed.

Also, any suggestion on what to name the last item on the list. In the Japanese game it literally says Hidden "Triforce" of Wisdom. Being just a piece of it I wondered if anyone have any suggestion. Just have it say Triforce isn't wrong as that's what the fragments also goes by in both the Japanese and English manuals sometimes but to make things more clear, perhaps Triforce Piece/Shard/Fragment would be an alternative. I don't know, would Piece of Triforce be correct English? Leave it as it is? Thoughts?

Doing the simple work on this game have really made me appreciate all the awesome work you guys are doing in rom hacking even more. Man, it was tougher than I thought. Thanks in advance.

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