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ROM Hacking Discussion / Hack Ninja Gaiden Arcade (original 1988) for MAME
« on: November 23, 2021, 06:50:38 am »
I wanted to learn how to hack the Ninja Gaiden Arcade game (the original from 1988) for MAME. My intention is to modify the graphics of the game.
Could someone help me to know what "specific" programs I need and how to do it?
I have the following doubts:
The tiles will be extracted but,
How do I interpret them? Since Ryu Hayabusa is not seen in its entirety. I understand that the graphics are divided.
How to disassemble the game (rom)? Would dz80 work? How does it work in that case?
How do I modify the tiles? Would Paint or Gimp serve?
How do I insert them once modified?
How do I reassemble the game? Would TASM work? How does it work in that case?
I have no knowledge of how to hack a rom.

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