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Hello everyone. :) translating samurai showdown rpg is now a reality would anyone of you be interested. i won't be taking on the project but id like to see some of you talented folk take a crack at :) this project is being carried out by TUX the author of neoraine (and a reAlly nice guy) more info, files and tools needed to translate are on his page together we can make this a reality. so far he has translated up to what he's seen in dueces demo video I've tried his technique and files and and even added text myself they work!

" This version's goal was to show if translating ssrpg (samurai spirits rpg) is possible or not.
The answer is yes, it includes a built-in translator where you can type directly your
translation. For this to work, you need this : : unzip this in your neoraine
directory, it will create an override/ssrpg directory with a few files in it. Don't try to replace
original ssrpg spr files with the ones in this zip file, it wouldn't work. Also the files in the
override directory are loaded instead of any file named like this for the current game. Which
means that if any other game happens to use a file named like one of the files contained in
the override directory, it will use the override version. So be carefull if you load something
different from ssrpg with this override directory here, it's probably better to rename or delete
it first. The zip also contains savedata/ which tells it which sprites are currently
being used for the translation. And you also need to change the ipl.txt file for ssrpg. For this I
suggest puting all the ssrpg files in a zip file, and changing the ipl.txt from the zip file, it's the
easiest way, and it allows to still have audio tracks in mp3 format. Anyway, either edit your
ipl.txt file by hand, and add this line at the end : COMBOS.SPR,0,10080 COMBOS1.SPR,0,5
0080 or get the modified ipl.txt file from this link. With this you'll have a translated game
logo in the game main menu, and 3 translated screens only in the game (it's just a proof of
concept for now, I need help from someone who can actually read these japenese texts to
finish it). The translations are for : - yellow haired guy - presentation - green haired girl -
chapter selection - blue haired guy, during his talk with his master (1 screen only) All this is
released in the hope that it will motivate someone to finish this one day, at least the tools to
do it are now available."

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