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So, for those of you 'ripping' your $300 ebay CDs (so that ebay sellers get your money and the developers not a red cent), do you find that a lot of these rips come out with audio tracks out of sync with the game? I found two in particular that are horribly bad: Mugen Senshi Valis and Xak III. In many cutscenes with speech, the audio is a couple of seconds late, which looks really bad, like a bad kung fu movie but worse, since it's not even in English. It bothers me so much that I am going to attempt to try to resync these tracks manually, to look as correctly as I can (but that's hardly a hacking job so I didn't post it in that section).

Gaming Discussion / Did any of you ever play retro western RPGs?
« on: January 09, 2017, 01:59:36 am »
I'm talking about things like those old 2d games on PC. I was only a console kid and completely passed them by when they were a thing. Final Fantasy 7 was about the time where these type of western RPGs had their swan song.

I've recently found a game called Planescape Torment on gog, and I think it's fascinating. In jRPGs, in all but a few rare games, the choices you are allowed to make make no difference. We know the clich├ęs of getting asked questions in jRPGs which have only one right answer to be able to continue. You can be an a-hole to everyone and they just keep repeating the question until you're nice. In Planescape Torment, your answers very often matter and can change the story. This is the best thing that these western RPGs have above jRPGs, imo. There seems to be much more choice and more playing of a role in general in these western games than jRPGs. jRPGs are exactly the rhetoric I remember reading about them, from the time they were dawning: that they were the 'streamlined' version of PC RPGs like Ultima, but some would say more childishly simple.

With that said, I still think jRPGs can be great. I wouldn't trade any other single player RPG for FF6, western or not. It still kind of sucks to have missed out on this era, and from what I've read, Planescape Torment was not a hit and that's why no more games were made. All the RPG nerds were playing Final Fantasy at the time, including myself. The analogy I would use is that jRPGs are like pop music and western RPGs are more like classical, jazz or at the very least blues.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SNES power thought experiment
« on: January 06, 2017, 01:18:15 am »
Just to keep it short, I am curious about something that someone familiar with SNES architecture might know, but I'm not sure if anyone would know this for certain.

Aside from the difficulty of creating such a thing, let's say there is a SNES homebrew SuperFX2 support. Would that be enough to run in 'higher' definition mode (512x448), with decent speed? Something like a typical SNES RPG, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. (no 3d effects).

ROM Hacking Discussion / I'm having a problem with 2 patches.
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:48:23 pm »
I'm trying to apply these two patches on a rom through a flash cart:

Each one works, but there is only a red screen when I try patching one over the other. One is only a graphical hack, so it should work, in theory. Is there something I'm missing?

Gaming Discussion / OpenPandora
« on: October 14, 2013, 05:40:00 pm »
I don't think many people have this, but does anyone here? I'm wondering if it's worth getting, if it lives up to what's advertised.

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