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Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for another person or two to help out with Napple Tale's graphics. We currently have two, but one is very busy with irl work and the other has simply been MIA for three months. The game is currently being play-tested by another translator, but I'd like to get the ball moving on the remaining graphics in the game.

Apparently, the graphics are all in various .dat packs, and one of the editors has managed to get into them, but since he's busy, he hasn't been able to send me the entire stock of images we need to edit. It is going to be a lot, but if anyone here is able to get into the files and yank out the various graphics inside, then I'll have a better idea of just how much needs to be edited in all, but there are a few choice graphics I have in mind that I'd like to hunt down and see edited to make it easier for future play-testers.

I'll try and come up with a game-plan for this if I start hearing from anyone. Thank you for reading!
Morning all!

Still working well on other various projects with Esperknight, but I've been enjoying Reveal Fantasia again and have decided I'd like to work on an English patch if anyone experience with PS2 hacking is interested in the title and up for the task.

I'm not even remotely decent at extracting or reinserting anything on my own, but I am a capable enough spelunker that I can help find particular things in the files where I can. I've spotted some very basic files, but I'm not sure if I'm looking at the entire thing as I probably borked the rip. lostcause.jpeg  :-\

A debug menu featuring an event menu is accessible in the game.

If anyone is interested, feel free to DM me at anytime! We can further the conversation on Discord or Twitter, whichever is more convenient for you. I'm looking forward to your inquiry!
Hi there! I'd like and get more involved by making an ongoing thread about various game translation projects I'm working on with Esper.

Last updated: March 29, 2022

:cookie:Priority projects:
Linda Cubed Again (PSX): Script rewritten, proofread, fmvs hard-subbed, next move is sprite-editing and polishing the rest of the translation before I open private testing.

Iblard: The City of Hatching Laputa (PSX): Story + UI translated, images translated with editing underway, fmvs translated and hard-subbed, audio translated. Text hacking has not started yet, but SnowyAria and Esperknight are collaborating on implementing soft-subs across various PSX games, so he might pivot to hacking this after Planet Laika. It's an extremely short game, so we're hopeful that it won't take long at all.

Update! Kowloon's Gate (PSX) -> A project discord has been made. Text docs have been ripped, so pre-translation prep is once again underway. About 25% of the story has been given a first pass translation between mono and I.

Update! Addie's Present (PSX) -> Storyline and in-game Users' Manual translated. Currently, hacking is being prodded at on the side, image editing documents are being prepared and I've been discussing the game with a proofreader. It's not in front of the line, but I look forward to sharing everyone's progress as we make it.

:cookie:First draft translations in talks:
(If you're interested in helping as a serious translator with a track record, feel free to DM me!)
Omakase Savers

:cookie:First draft translated, hacking + second drafts to do next:

Fox Junction (PSX)
Tengai Makyou Apocalypse IV ((It's like "Revelation IV" the book, btw)) (PSP/Saturn): Retro Dad from SegaXtreme and I are in talks about writing a draft for the Saturn version. Nothing has been started between us yet due to scheduling, but thought I'd update.
Tenshi Doumei (PSX/Saturn)
The Adventures of Robin Lloyd (PSX)
Universal Nuts (PSX/Saturn)
Abarenbou Princess (PS2) -> storyline done, UI not done, wanna tackle NPCs+rewrite before hacking
Sengoku Turb (Dreamcast) -> storyline, basic UI done, wanna hack before doing NPCs
Sampaguita (PSX/PSP)
Yukiwari no Hana (PSX/PSP)

Napple Tale (Dreamcast): October 16, 2019
Find here!

Double Cast (PSP): November 30, 2020
Find here!

Planet Laika (PSX): February 14, 2022
Find here!
Hah! I'm back and need a bit more Napple Tale assistance. Sorry if this is another daunting thing to ask. I typed up translations for *most* of the diary entries I needed help typing up. Now that I've churned through most of them and haven't slept in 20 hours, I was hoping I could leave them up here for critique/review/verification while I finally went to sleep again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are a few I didn't do that I would need help getting the gist of. (Those being 11- which is a continuation of 10, 24 and 30.). I already have 42 and 43 done, just too sleepy to go digging in my bag for my memo.

Anyhow, everything else is stuff I'm attempting to write so it's easy to understand for players, since a number of entries talk about Japanese kanji, and in the first Stoic Philosophy entry, I brought up Stoa Poikile in a bit of detail, so little things like that, feel free to point out if I'm actually incorrect, but know this isn't a 40% literal translation. That said, if I made any errors that are blatantly wrong or are missing the point, please let me know so I can correct things accordingly.
Hi there! Sorry if this seems like a really rude thing to ask for help on,  I've been stalling big time on this game thanks to a heap of diary entries. They have a pseudo-handwritten font that, in more parts than I care to admit, I'm having a hard time really reading the kanji. I finally puzzle-pieced together every last tile, but it would still take me too long to go through all of them. I have a number done, but after I lost a notebook while on a trip, I have the one two-pager. I guess it's pretty plain as day that I'm an unorganized mess.

Anyway, to the point, I was wondering if it would be alright to ask the Japanese-savvy denizens here if anyone could pretty please type up the kana/kanji in these diary entries? There are a lot, but I don't need any translation done - that I can do myself, and while I have a solid understanding for most parts, I want it to be even-peeled and perfect. I have psds set up to try and edit them back into the game, but I'd like them in text as well to go into a readme to go along with the game, as well as maybe float around on my blog.

This is the same list, just with one two-paged diary entry translated as an example of what I mean. (42 and 43)

I know it's a lazy thing of me to ask, but it would really take a load off for me if these were typed up for me to work with.  :-[ Anyway, if it's too confusing, please let me know. I'm going to be away for a few days but I can still answer on my phone.
Gaming Discussion / Store selling romhacked carts
January 27, 2015, 03:24:05 PM
Hi, sorry if this is a weird thing to bring up, but there's a store in my town that sells retro games and the like (they go pretty much from the Coleco to the PS3 at this point), and when I went up to buy a game, I noticed that they had a ton of games that were English patched, selling them for stupid high prices. (4 copies of Mother 3 for 60 bucks a pop or something.) They had some more recent patches like Blood of Bahamut, so while my boyfriend guessed that someone sold them to the store and outsmarted them, I'm pretty certain they're just making the carts themselves in the back of the store or have a friend doing it for them or something.

I know that it's something people do, and I don't like it, but I don't really know what other people on the site think or the history of this sort of thing, besides Ghideon Zi's blog post about it ages ago. I mean, what do people do about this sort of thing exactly?

It's just that it's probably the biggest games store in town and it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Hi there. I've got a quick question/I'd like some assistance and am throwing out a hangup I have on a game that I've been trying to peek into just for the hell of it. While I have luck getting into other games on PSP for the sake of perusing viscera, I can't even get through the first brick wall after using UMDGen, and this is the game I was hoping to do a mere text dump of, despite being the middle of a couple translation projects already so the priority is like... non-existent.

The odi is 397 kb and the .DAT is 620MB, and it's basically the melting pot for all of the game files. Opened it up in a Hex Editor already so it's not like the text was haphazardly thrown in (which I know better than to expect, but never hurts to try?).

Does anyone perhaps have any experience with this particular game?  I understand that odds are it's a custom format or it's compressed in some silly fashion. (the .odi seems to refer to other documents I can only assume are inside of the .dat)

Is this something that apparently sky's extractor could cover? On that particular side note, I've never been able to find a working download, but that's a different rant for a different day.

Thanks for your time to those who have read. Again, if anyone has any approaches for me to consider, I'd really appreciate the nods.
Hi there! I'm just translating the prologue of a game for funsies and I'm at this phrase where, for context's sake, a character chants in an exorcism spell.
The trouble-maker is in bold:
我が (I will)
命をささげ (dedicate)
ナンジの (my life)
御魂を (to calm)
鎮めん (thy soul!)

ダーム! (Pronounced, "Da-a-mu".  Dang/Dharm/Dan/Don= ?????)

トゥー!    (Tu = Earth?)
シェン!  (Shen = Spirit?)
Some of the characters like to spout Chinese when executing a particular ultimate move they happen to have. I just have no experience with Chinese, so when it's in Katakana, I'm totally led astray.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I felt like it wasn't worth it to start a new thread, so I thought I'd just put it here.

So I translated a song last night from Antiphona no Seikahime. (( ))
The chant in the very beginning is:


Neh Reza La-zai, ah! Bello, la Fiore.
Lalai yah Na-nai yah, mofu ma Vita.
Neh Reza La-zai, ah! Bero la Fiore.
Lalai yah na-nai ya moph maw Vita.**

The bolded parts are throwing me off. Italian was thrown in there this time (and oddly enough, not French for a Nippon Ichi game). I just have no idea what "mofu ma" would even remotely sound like in Japanese when I'm pretty confident that is what they are saying. Any clarifications on some random vocabulary word or grammar function would be appreciated, since I don't have any Italian under my belt besides, "It'sa me, Mario!"
Hi there! I've been peeking around an ISO (mostly for text dumps). I've been peeking into a couple games to try and dig out some information from them.

A. I would also like to pluck some of the artwork/characters from this game. However, all of the images are .bmz, which I have absolutely no experience with besides simply knowing it's a compressed bitmap. I'm also aware that these are map archives amongst Portal-folk, but I'm pretty confident these are simply pictures. Either way, I don't know how to open these little guys for my own use. I have all of the music and the movies out in the open and have found what I think is all of the storyline text (save battle sequence text and menu text), but the images are really stumping me, since Google didn't seem to help. Do other PS2 games have these hanging around on the norm, or is this something exclusive to Abarenbou Princess?

B. Been peeking around Reveal Fantasia again, for curiosity's sake, but I'm really just as stumped as before. I found some of the item name and use information, fairy names and descriptions/profiles and the music test (at least that's what I think it is after I translated it?). For the life of me I haven't been able to grab any sort of story text, and I don't think I've had much luck with the story text, which is why I'm hoping someone around here sees something that can be unpackaged that I missed. Any ideas would be stellar.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Spotting a Text File
January 08, 2013, 05:51:44 PM
I'll start out. I have minor experience in gathering text, but it really comes down to compression. I'm just interested in dumping scripts and translating those, I guess.

I'm curious to know about any general options I have when I cannot find text for games I have made a relatively solid table file for. Say the table works in one file perfectly, but not in the next. Does that happen often? I'm going to write down my issues with a couple of games I'm peeking into in case anyone has specific information about such game, whether from peeking into it to or whatnot.

1. Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari (PSP)

So there's a folder called "Script," however, it's only file is CMN.TPK. 
I'm aware that it's commonly an extension of .DAT files of sorts, but also, when I'm digging around in Windhex, it says Script/Quest/yadda yadda, amongst other subfolders. Thing is, I have no idea how to dig around in there and grab text, if it is in there. I'm really more driven to the idea that it is all in a separate text folder with 50 billion .BIN files, but for the life of me, I cannot find actual text in there-- it's just a solid party of wingdings, so I'm assuming it's just compression, but what should I look into if that's the case?

2. Little Princess (PSX)
I've found the menu options (Item, status, etc) and the general status screen interface, so my table is correct. However, I cannot find script data. I'm assuming the song lyrics are part of the movie files, but I would really love to get the conversations and names of spells and battle menus as well.

3. Napple Tale (DC)
It looks like I'm on the same boat as with Little Princess. I can go in and dig out a lot from this game, so I'm fine with getting images, movies and music from the game, and I even have the saving text and items, but no dialogue.

4. Abarenbou Princess (PS2)
Same issue, except the opposite. It looks like I've got all of the prologue and individual Act chapters with me, but I can't really find NPC/casual dialogue text nor can I locate the main menue or the battle interface. Any ideas why that could be?

5. Reveal Fantasia (PS2)
This is an entirely unrelated question, but I've got a file called Reveal.PS2 here, and I've seen some slight conversation about it on the boards here, but Apache isn't even touching it. I've also got this issue with general .DAT files. to my understanding it's more or less guesswork into finding a format to convert it to, but it's not working for me. Any way to actually extract that mischief?