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they are a smb1 hack called mario 1337  that has the background color changing different colors, according to what the last digit of the time.    it also has a weird thing that has it dragging and showing doulble stuff that drags behind you. its weird, dont know how to explain it but can show you this youtube video. it has the title screen in this video till around the 1:28 mark or so..

what i would like to have is a version of this that changes the background color like this is doing, but dont do that draggy effect thing it does.    if i could figure out how to do it, i would, but i have no idea now to do that.   bout the only thing i know how to do is fix smb1 hacks like wheelchair mario to work on pretty much every emulator.  they are other hacks that did the same thing (crashed on the title screen).    found part of something that has to do with the flashing coin up top missing missing in the rom using yy-chr.   i put it back in where it was missing, boom, roms that crashed on title screen work. 

if someone could make a smb1 hack where the colors changed like in mario 1337 but didnt do that draggy thing, it would be awesome.

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