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ROM Hacking Discussion / Is it possible to convert .srm files to .bin?
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:59:43 pm »
Hi, as the topic states, is it possible to convert a .srm save file for the snes to .bin (Wii VC save game file)?  I am guessing it might be kind of hard, maybe not possible  Have not been able to find much via google.  Thanks.

Gaming Discussion / super robot wars 3
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:18:26 am »
I played this maybe 10 months ago and I do not think I posted about it then.

Any way, about Super Robot wars 3.  I admit that I really hated this game. I beat it but I strongly disliked it, that but I was thinking recently, maybe I gave the game an unfair shake. I say this because I went into the game blind and basically had no clue what I was doing (it was my first Super robot wars game ever, I played the other snes aeon genesis translation directly after and that is it). Any way I think I disliked it because I think I leveled up "useless" units or spent too much money or units that are of no help/later turned out useless or, if I recall, some that left. Now I do not think an srpg should ever have units that are just too under powered, but SRW3 does IMO so here we are.

Any way, I want to restart the game again. I beat the first mission with one death and then stopped, because I want to see what people who are more experts have to say before going on:

What units do you recommend building up and spending on along the way? Which ones should I ignore? Are there units further along that will be of use? I want to have a more focused, less blind run through the game.



I got the box of happiness with relative ease.  But something about a mysterious box was mentioned.  Maybe it was bad luck, but on my next run down, I got all the way down to floor 88 without being able to find it.  Is it on floor 99 or is it random and I just had a lot of bad luck?  Hints?


March 25, 2019, 11:34:30 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Nevermind, figured it out.  I had to talk to the king and respond "No" to his question, then "talk" to the happiness box to open it.  That triggered a 3rd, much harder dungeon.  Harder because you can not take anything from the vault and if you do, it does not appear in the item list.  Plus all of the herbs are unidentified, given random color names, all of the scrolls and staffs are given random animals names and you just have to find a safe place to test them out.  The monsters seem to hit harder, especially starting around floor 10 and defensive gear does not seem to protect as much.  Penalty for some of the negative items is a lot steeper (when you test them out), seems like there are more traps and enemies, seems like less healing items especially elixer, enemies starting around floor 15 seem to hit you a lot more with level down, str. down and HP down though a puppet ring exists to prevent against those 3, it is hard to find.  Since you go into each dungeon totally new it is really based on luck.  When I finally beat it it just so happened because I was lucky enough to find a metal babble sword early on, a dragon shield and a bunch of "uppers" kept appearing on the first 15 floors.  Plus I also got a puppet ring and a lot of bread scrolls which turn negative items into bread.  Some trips are not so lucky.  Found the mystery box on the 30th floor.

There is a ultima scroll on floor 99 of the second dungeon but once you talk to the king, say no and open the happy box not sure you can go back to that dungeon and get it.  Ultima scroll sells for 60,000.

Gaming Discussion / Stuck in nige ron pa (neo geo color rpg)
« on: January 03, 2019, 08:13:46 am »

Happy holidays.  I know, a totally random game. I can't find any English FAQs and can't make sense of the English translation of the one faq orginally in Japanese.

I have no clue how to advance the game!  I passed the check point and got to a town called, I think  Scarf where I am told the road to tunic is blocked, where ever that road is.  Some guy named nocoru asks me to help with delivering some stuff but when I go to the archaeology site I am told I can't enter.  Going back to previous towns yeilds no results...any ideas?  I also have a love letter I need to deliver to a tower but can not get back in since the guy tells me I can't take the test (again).  I already got classes(?) for the two characters. well, Thanks.

Gaming Discussion / SNES mini help, please (.srm files)
« on: October 17, 2018, 03:31:04 pm »
I got one yesterday and I finally got it to work.  The only other thing I am wondering about it getting my .srm files to work, any ideas?  Maybe a good youtube video that clearly explains the process in simple terms?  Thanks

Any hints on how to go about this game, an snes srpg from 1992 (or was that 1993)? The interference looks a little confusing but I can not find a FAQ even on the basics of the game.  It does not strike me as a very intuitive game.


Gaming Discussion / Translation help of android walkthrough?
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:15:43 pm »

I am having a tough time with this puzzle late in an android rpg I am playing. The only walkthrough I can find is in Japanese and any machine generated translation is quite poor. If possible, I will post the Japanese portion of the walkthrough if anyone is able to help out and translate it to English.  I would say it is about two dozen short lines.

Thanks if anyone is able to do this!

October 23, 2017, 10:00:21 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Alright, I found a translation.

In the crazy rare chance anyone plays Tenmilli RPG for android, here is the puzzle in Japanese, followed by the English translation:

『クロウ』で⑩を踏む →※
『ジルバ』で⑨を踏む →※
『クロウ』で残りの⑨を踏む →※
『テミ』で⑩を踏む →※
『ジルバ』で⑪を踏む →※
『クロウ』で⑫を踏む →※
『ティンク』で⑬を踏む →※
『テミ』で⑧を踏む →※
『ジルバ』で⑦を踏む →※
『リン』で残りの⑦を踏む →※
『ブルース』で④を踏む →※
『テミ』で②を踏む →※
『ミドリ』で⑤を踏む →※
『マゼンダ』で⑥を踏む →※
『ミドリ』で残りの⑥を踏む →※
『ブルース』で⑧を踏む →※
『ティンク』で⑬を踏む →※
『ブルース』で⑤を踏む →※
『ジルバ』で③を踏む →※
『リン』で⑭を踏む →※
『ティンク』で⑭を踏む →※
『クロウ』で⑭を踏む →※
『ミドリ』で⑭を踏む →※
『ジルバ』で⑭を踏む →※
『ルファ』で⑭を踏む →※


I wanted to see if someone can recommend a PC-98 emulator that is easy to use.  I kind of want to check out all of these Farland games, but so far, I have not read anything about a good, solid PC-98 emu for the android.


Gaming Discussion / Looking for help with makai hakkenden shada please
« on: March 22, 2017, 10:03:32 pm »

This is a super rare game, I know.

But I wanted to ask, the guy in the cave asks for the Murasame.  Where can I find it?  I beat that two headed wolf thing on floor 3 of the dungeon (rainbow tower I guess?) and got the healing magic.  But I am not sure how to advance the game now.

Someone in town mentions that some other character was killed, another mentions staring at foxes, another mentions a landslide to the northeast, yet another mentions a town in the valley...another guy in the northeast of town gave me a sword of some sort but it is not a Murasame..  I have a mirror but can not find anything to do with that.  I am puzzled as to how to get to the next part of the game.

BTW: This is a very new translation.  Not sure if I hit a glitch.  Really not sure what to do.
If anyone knows, please help!

March 25, 2017, 05:38:10 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Well nevermind then.  Figured it out after a while, thanks so much...

According to this on fantasy anime:  2016 Update: I am no longer updating Translation Nation. I created this subsite in the mid 2000's when the hype for fan translated SNES RPGs was very high. But now, people aren't that interested in them anymore. Still, I persisted and continued updating Translation Nation all these years well past its prime. There's no need for it anymore. Translation Nation had served its purpose well.

Could have fooled me with the release of a near (99.5%+) complete and fully playable xak translation, Hercules and 3x3 all in the span of a month plus huge talk of another big translation Far East of Eden and gz in the background still likely with some gem, as well as ddt plugging away despite many real life road people are still pumped for the snes, just look at how much love the snes still gets.

No, people are THAT interested still.

Hi guys, I am looking for some kind of resource to share general mechanics in regards to the game. (game also known as Dream Maze Kigurumi Daibouken).

For instance,  Do you know when in the game you get a second and third character? I am on floor 9 of pudding palace, the second dungeon, I guess...and starting to struggle. Plus the one guy I have can not wear every costume...arggh.  Hints? ... ouken/faqs


Shocked there is nothing on the main page about it.  I guess it just happened.  Once I finish Zenonia 5 I am digging into this one!

A few off the top of my head:

Seed 3 - Played on both the iphone 4 and android tablet.  Very fun game.  Did not like seed 1 and seed 2 ad much.
Aurum Blade - Again, tons of fun
Destinia - A pretty fun game, though not as solid as Seed 3 IMO.
Illusia 2 - Interesting side scrolling action rpg, not too bad, had fun beating it.
Third Blade - Kind of reminded me of Rent a Hero without the story and with swords.  Side scrolling/beat em' up/rpg.

Those were all free, really fun and old school feel to them.
Anyone else?  What do you like?

I am at level 20 and the pig is 18, I would think that is high enough. But then he heals for 740 Hp and I run out of steam.  Any advice? Thanks!

Gaming Discussion / Ladysword help?
« on: February 25, 2015, 10:26:18 pm »
This is a shot in the dark:

"Hello, not sure if this game is fresh in your mind or if perhaps you have some maps.  I am on the third floor and seem to be in an endless loop.  It is a square room with about a dozen different doors, 3 in the center.  Most lead to nothing, a few lead to another place on the 3rd floor where three different long hallways meet and in one of the hallways one guy asks me if I want to give up on looking for the Ladysword.  Finally, in this square with about a dozen doors,  One door, in the very center, leads downstairs which also seems to be and endless circle that I can not escape from.

Not sure if that makes sense, I can try to take a pic of the room in question.
Any ideas on how to progress?
Or any idea on who I might be able to contact via email?

Gaming Discussion / Walkthrough for Dream Maze: The Kigurumi Adventure?
« on: December 14, 2014, 04:38:19 pm »
I could not find one.  Where is the best place to get info on this game?  All I could find is some "lets play stoned" which ends after two 10 minute videos or so.

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