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Hello all,

I'm in the process of creating a major update for my HoD localization fix. Thanks to the indispensable help of Nagumo over at the Castlevania Dungeon forums, I've almost completed a near total retranslation/localization of the full English game script from the original Japanese. 98% of the text can be effortlessly altered using LagoLunatic's amazing DSVania Editor (here's hoping there's enough space for the expanded script), so all that remains is the retranslated area titles that appear on-screen when you first enter a new region of the castle.

The game stores the on-screen area names as LZ77-compressed tile graphics. I've located and ripped all the raw graphics data (including the titles I didn't change for reference purposes) as well as the palette data (hex offset and files in .tpl and .pal format). The problem is that I'm just not a very good pixel artist and it could well take me months to get the results I want on my own with YY-CHR or Tile Layer Pro or what have you.

So, I'm humbly requesting the help of any talented pixel artists to help me edit the existing area titles to reflect their newly retranslated names. There's six of them:

- Room of Illusion -> Hall of Illusion
- Shrine of the Apostates -> Tomb of the Apostates
- Skeleton Cave -> Skeleton Nest
- Luminous Cavern -> Schistostega​ Caverns
- Sky Walkway -> Floating Gallery
- Chapel of Dissonance -> Chapel of Heresy

If anyone is interested, just hit me with a PM and I can send you an archive containing all the necessary data and information. I saved the raws in '.gba' format, so I hope that's okay. 

Hello, I'm the guy who made the Localization Fix for Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. I've set my sights on releasing a sort of 'final' or definitive version of my patch (as well as the one for AoS) before the year is out.  The one thing I would really like to focus on for this final release is whether or not the in-game cutscene dialogue needs any further revisions or touch-ups in order to be both closer to the original Japanese script and to improve its overall readability/flow.

I've already made a few changes in the previous version(s), mostly for the reasons I've already stated. However, I'm certainly no native speaker, and I've probably made some mistakes. So now, I'm humbly asking anyone with the appropriate expertise and experience to help me compare the original Japanese dialogue script with the updated English script that I'm currently using for the latest version of the patch.

As far as resources go, there doesn't seem to be a complete dump or transcription of the Japanese script anywhere on the internet at the moment. The Script page for HoD on the Castlevania Wiki contains links to a Youtube playthrough of the Japanese version of the game corresponding to each section of the story, which is somewhat inconvenient but still the best available option. Transcripts of certain scenes relating to Maxim's character are also available here, but that's obviously all that the author covered. There's also a Translation Guide on GameFAQs that contains a rough, literal translation of the game's original Japanese dialogue, but I can't completely guarantee its accuracy.

Any interested parties can just hit me with a PM and I'll be very happy to share and discuss any information regarding previous or future possible script revisions in the form of documents/text files or emulator save states.

Newcomer's Board / Akumajou Dracula (Famicom) - Menu Text Alteration
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:33:15 pm »
Hi, I'm the wierdo that's been making all those Localization Fix thingies for some of the old Castlevania games, the most recent being the original Castlevania for the NES:

I also wanted to do the same for the original Famicom version, which, as you know, has a save function and an additional menu with an extra music track:

I also wanted to translate the two menu options, 'NAME TOUROKO' ('NAME ENTRY') and 'NAME KESU' ('NAME ERASE/DELETE') and replace them with English equivalents, but it seems that making even the slightest alterations to either of these two text strings in a hex editor causes the rom to endlessly load and reboot when played on an emulator (I've used FCEUX and Mesen, both with the same result).

I can alter the text strings in the credits and still be able to boot up the game just fine, so obviously the system menu text is much more sensitive to change (for this game, at least).

Would anyone be able to help me out here?

It's that time again, ladies and gentleman. I've just got a few remaining lines and names to address before I begin my test playthrough of the game on my DS:

#20 - Mollusca (モニュモニュ - 'monyu-monyu')
- The Japanese name is obviously some kind of onomatopoeia, although it's apparently ambiguous enough that I can't seem to find any conclusive answers or definitions anywhere online. Crying/weeping, squeezing/groping, squelching/squishing... the general idea seems to be the sustained squelching/squishing sound of soft or moist organic matter... which would be entirely appropriate for a gigantic slug moving across the ground. I just need to know if my suspicions are correct before I can start thinking of a name that appropriately 'conveys' the sound.

#37 - Valkyrie:
- The official English description simply copy/pastes the one from AoS. The original Japanese reads "邪悪な心に聖なる力を持つ、好戦的な乙女"
- Took a slight liberty here and translated it as "A battle-loving maiden whose wicked heart conceals a holy power." While the line reads okay enough, I just hope that my choice of the word 'conceal' doesn't mangle the line's original intention.
#49 - Guillotiner/Guillotine Devil:
- The original Japanese description reads: "何万もの人間をギロチンに かけた悪魔"
- Official English description: "Rumored to have chopped off hundreds of heads with its bloody guillotine."
- I've opted to go with the translation used in Order of Ecclesia, which reads: "A demon who has executed countless victims in its bloody guillotine." At a glance, it definitely feels more accurate than the one used in DoS, though I'm still a bit iffy about my reading of '何万', which in this context seems to indicate a massive unknown quantity (countless) rather than something more specific (hundreds).

#81 - Mothman:
- Second line of original Japanese description: "灯りに誘われて何処からかやってくる"
- 2nd line of English desc.: "It appears to be attracted to the light."
- I've a feeling that the original English translation is sufficient, but I'm still unsure about the Japanese: '[Is] attracted/lured to light and will show up/arrive someplace"? "Shows up/arrives at places where [it is] attracted/lured by light"?

I've almost finished work on my localisation fix for Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. I just need to clarify a few remaining lines of Japanese that I'm just not sure about, specifically the enemy descriptions for Needles and Ukobach. If the existing translations are adequate, I can just leave them as is:

#64 - Needles:
- "凶凶しく成長したウニ" (Japanese text)
- "A giant, mutant sea urchin." (Official in-game translation)

#77 - Ukobach:
- "灼熱した体で現れる釜炊きの悪鬼" (Japanese text)
- "One of hell's cauldron demons with a blazing, red-hot body." (Official in-game translation)
- From what I can tell, a literal reading of the text produces something like "A demon that appears with a red-hot/scorching body and cooks/boils kettles/cauldrons (perhaps it means 'fry cooking/frying' instead?)"
- Was translated as "Demon of the beanpot, appears with a flaming body" in Gemini's SOTN retranslation (
- The Wikipedia entry for Ukobach ( and other primary sources state that he is the 'inventor of fireworks and the art of frying foods."
- My current, tentative localization: "A demonic fry cook with a blazing, red-hot body" (there has got to be a better term to use besides 'fry cook', space permitting of course)


The item description for the Copper Plate (どうのむねあて) reads: "胴の胸当て", which I think roughly translates as either "body/torso armor" or refers to the specific type of body armor that is used in kendo (, though I don't believe they usually make that stuff out of copper. The official translation reads "Breastplate made of hammered copper", which completely ignores the Japanese text, so I'm kind of at a loss here.

Thanks to LagoLunatic's recent work in providing support for Harmony of Dissonance in his excellent DSVania Editor, I'm this close to releasing a hack which will hopefully clear up a number of localization issues that have existed in the English game text for years. I'm not a native or fluent Japanese speaker, so I had to rely on a wide variety of sources as well as very judicious use of online dictionaries and translators (knowing full well the pitfalls of solely relying on such things without taking into account the surrounding context or proper sentence structure). I've almost certainly made some massive mistakes somewhere, so when I finally release it, feel free to correct me via reviews, PM or what have you.


There's just one remaining quibble left to address: Skull Knight ( In Japanese, its name is rendered as 'スカルトナイトロード' (skarutonaitoroodo). Is this some sort of pun or portmanteau that could be easily recognized by a Japanese audience, similar to '死門' ('Gate of Death'/'Shimon') or 'すけるトン' ('clear'/'skeleton')?

I'm currently making a cosmetic hack for Castlevania Bloodlines/Vampire Killer that corrects a few small textual errors, namely reverting 'Elizabeth Bartley' in the intro sequence to 'Elizabeth Bathory' and 'Alcarde Spear' to 'Alucard Spear' on the player select screen.

So far, I've managed to change 'Bartley' to 'Bathory' in both Bloodlines and Vampire Killer (good thing the latter is entirely in English!), but I can't for the life of me locate the text or graphics data for the player select screen. Apparently, Konami used a unique compression routine for its Genesis games during this period, so I was wondering if anyone who has any experience with said routine or dealing with compressed graphics in general could help me out here?

With help, I may also be able to make optional patches that restores Eric's original feminine features in Bloodlines and/or reverts 'John Morris' to 'Johnny Morris' for the sake of completeness.

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