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You can check the progress here: Zieldak's Domain. You can also visit my project page at Board 2 for much more information.

Now that the project is once again alive, I decided to update this... thread?

Mega Man Crimson is a Mega Man III hack, upgraded with Kuja Killer's Improvement Patch 2.1. It will feature brand new tilesets, changed level design, and hopefully, new music. Not much is done yet, because I decided to restart the project from scratch last year, and the original Crimson hack is now called Scrap Metal.

If you are interested in very outdated stuff, you can download some demos from Board 2.

Gemini Man Demo - Really old stuff
Mega Man Crimson Proof-of-Concept - Mega Man 3 (U) Hack - 7 June 2015
Mega Man Crimson Proof-of-Concept 2 - Mega Man 3 (U) Hack - 9 Aug 2015

Here are some screenshots when I made after rebooting the project:

Title Screen

Snake Man

Gemini Man

*Insert name here*

Stage Select - Break Man

Wily 4

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