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Topics - Eien Ni Hen

So, I'm translating Psy-O-Blade, an all-kana sci-fi game that uses words that don't exist in real life. I need help with one such word: シンリソウ

The word is only used twice in the game, in reference to a computer (Raccoon). Below are the sentences along with their translations:

でも[0b (calls sub_DFA then new line)]
なにかへんなの[0d (new line)]
ホントはいけないことだけど[0d (new line)]
ラクーンのシンリソウに[0d (new line)]
ダイレクトアクセスをしてから[0b (calls sub_DFA then new line)]
なにかオトがなりつづくの[0d (new line)]

Something isn't quite right. I shouldn't be accessing Raccoon's シンリソウ directly,[0b (calls sub_DFA then new line)]
but when I do, I keep hearing a beeping noise. I wonder what it is?

{キース}[0b (calls sub_DFA then new line)]
ラクーンのシンリソウをシゲキしたとき[0d (new line)]

Keith![0b (calls sub_DFA then new line)]
You remember the chime that sounded when I accessed Raccoon's シンリソウ?[0c (calls sub_2d40 several times)][01 0e (send 0e to sub_2350)][03 00 (send 00 to sub_38D4)]

I'm thinking the word may be 心理層, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
Hey everybody. I need some help with a line that appears to be some other language expressed in katakana. For context, a researcher has just found out that a sea creature can speak and is trying to get it to talk. I'd rather not mention what game this is for.

The line is:


The first part is obviously, "Ah, hello? Hello?" But I'm stuck on the second part. It's definitely not Japanese, and it doesn't look like English, either. Any ideas?
I'm helping translate a X68000 programmer's manual, and while it's easier than I thought despite my lack of programming knowledge, I'm having trouble with three lines:

$40~   :$000040~$ffffff までのアドレス指定.
先頭バイトが $60 ならスーパーバイザのままそのアドレス
をコールし、そのサブルーチンから戻ると本体を OFF.

I got most of this one, but I'm confused about the meaning of のまま here. Not sure about what "supervisor" refers to either, but I'm assuming it's an overriding routine or something.

$ed001c   1.b   0      起動時のキー LED の状態(電原 OFF 時の状態が待避されている)

What does 待避 mean here? I guessed "standby" but I'm not entirely sure.

それぞれ $f は無視を表す.

Can anyone verify what 無視を表す means? I'm assuming it's "displays override" but again, not sure.