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ROM Hacking Discussion / Repointing text (using Advance Text)
« on: March 24, 2012, 05:19:24 pm »
I'm using Schizz's Advance Text -program to edit battle screen text in Pokémon Fire Red.

When trying to insert text that is longer than the original string, the program usually just automatically repoints the inserted text and everything is fine. However, for some reason, the text is sometimes NOT repointed and this message comes up:

"There's enough space after the text. The text won't be repointed."

What happens then is the text is left in its original position and spills over into surrounding strings, corrupting or deleting them from the ROM entirely. For example, if I replace a 10-character long string with one that is 40 characters long, and Advance Text decides not to repoint it, it will entirely swallow up a 10-character long string that was positioned somewhere else in order to make room for itself, thus deleting said string from the game and corrupting the ROM.

In other words, when this message comes up, there is certainly NOT "enough space after the text" and it shouldn't be doing this at all.

Are there any workarounds for this problem? Is there any way to set Advance Text to always repoint text longer than the original, rather than leaving it in the same position?

ROM Hacking Discussion / 2 questions about Advance Text!
« on: March 17, 2012, 01:31:03 pm »
1) I read somewhere that by inserting text into the game that is longer than the original, the ROM can become corrupted. By that I mean, say for example a line in the original dialogue is 60 characters long, and I insert an 80-character line into the slot where the 60-character line was. I read that doing this messes up all other text boxes and makes the ROM unplayable, something about the program not being able to repoint the extra characters or something? Are there any ways of working around this problem BESIDES always adding text that is shorter than the original, which is imposible?

2) Once I have edited the game script to my liking, how do I go about, um how do I say this.. extracting my work and making it into a downloadable patch that others can use? Sorry, I don't know how to phrase that without it sounding illegal, but you know what I'm talking about. With this program you can edit the ROM directly but I need to a make a patch that others can use to patch their own ROMs.

Thank you :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Thingy32 (text editor)
« on: March 08, 2012, 06:54:34 pm »
Anyone got experience with this program? I'm thinking of using it for translating a GBA pokemon game. But:

1) Is there an English version? I've got the Spanish version at the moment and seen screenshots of a German version, but no English...
2) Furthermore, are there any guides for this program in general? I've found one in German that I'm reading through with Google Translate, but the text is understandably clunky and difficult to understand.

What I need help with at the moment is inserting a line of text that is longer than the original. I cannot for example insert a 6-character word into the position of a 4-character word because it is 2 characters longer than the original. It looks like you have to write the text to a different location and then change the pointer that directs to it with Advance Map (a scripting program I believe). Help?

So I'm using Scizz's Advance Text to translate Pokémon Fire Red. Not all in-game text is editable with that program, however, so to find the rest I need to use relative searching. The program I'm using is WindHex, and I'm trying my best to follow this tutorial by Jair. But try as I might, I can't seem to find ANY in-game text. :laugh:

Okay, so in Jair's tutorial he gives this table to use when searching for words:
1 A   2 B   3 C   4 D   5 E
 6 F   7 G   8 H   9 I  10 J
11 K  12 L  13 M  14 N  15 O
16 P  17 Q  18 R  19 S  20 T
21 U  22 V  23 W  24 X  25 Y
26 Z

(that table is probably going to show up badly mutilated here but hopefully you all get the point :D )

So OK. Let's say I want to find the line "your foe is weak". Out of those 4 words I decide to go with "weak", which according to that table should be rendered 23 5 1 11. So I search for this. What happens then? :

Sorry ... The string was not found.

I read in a couple other threads that the first letter of a word should be left out for some reason (???) (something about capital letters?), so, okay, fine. I'll search for "eak", in other words "5 1 11". The result:

Sorry ... The string was not found.

D: Help? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to "make a table" first?(seen talk of making tables on here even though I don't really get what a table is...?) ?????  :-X And YES, I am making sure to click "relative search" in WindHex, not any of the others (text, hex and kana search).

EDIT: wait!!! OK, I think I figured out the table!! So in Windhex I noticed "pokemon red version" on the right side of the screen:

...and based on that I was able to come up with this table:
61 A   62 B  63 C   64 D   65 E
 66 F   67 G   68 H   69 I  6A J
6B K  6C L  6D M  6E N  6F O
70 P  71 Q  72 R  73 S  74 T
75 U  76 V  77 W  78 X  79 Y
7A Z

(lower case letters of course)

..BUT! Even using that table I still can't find anything. I tried searching for "weak" again, this time with string "77 65 61 6B" but still got the error message "the string was not found". What in the world is wrong? Also, there is no English at all visible on the right side of the screen in WindHex.. it's all garbled gibberish like "@.B..H..J.." etc D: Is it supposed to be like that? That little bit of text that I used to make that table, "pokemon red version" is literally the only English text I can see (aside from that "POKEMON FIREBEPRE" or whatever right above it)... where is all the dialogue and stuff???

ROM Hacking Discussion / Translating Pokémon Fire Red
« on: January 15, 2012, 03:47:49 pm »
I'm currently using Scizz's Advance-text program (found here: to translate Pokémon fire red into Finnish, but I've noticed that with this program you can only translate dialogue. Everything else (attack names, item names, item descriptions, battle commands, pokédex data, almost everything in the start menu, etc.) is totally untouchable. I'd like to aim for a 100% translation, so does anyone have any ideas for how to translate the other things that can't be edited with this program? Is there another program out there that I can use, or is there perhaps someway for me myself to hack the game and edit the text manually?

Advice? Anyone?

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