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Hello, and sorry for posting this but this game means a lot to me and maybe it is finally time to share it with the world.

I created Journey to Silius Plus hack in 2011. I am total noob in rom hacking but I love the game since I am a child. It took me around 8 months to complete - told you - I am noob. There was a good friend of mine back in the days, Dizzy9 aka. D9 and maybe other nicknames. He helped me a lot by adding text to title screen of Journey to Silius Plus as I was unable to do it and one other small thing.

As we had good relations with D9 back in the days he asked me "Would you like to create something bigger?". I did but I did not want to use him to do all the hacking as I was unable to anything more I already did with the Plus version. After like a few months I reminded him about his question saying that if he is still willing to do it I am in. I made only a few hud graphics, and edited title screen in MS Paint that he inserted within the game. The name of the hack is Journey to Silius Forever and as I said - it is in progress for over 7 years now.

We agreeded that Dizzy9 will hack, I make changelog, a few graphics and will do testing providing him all the information he needed to repair problems. It was going smooth for some time, and changelog was pretty smooth but rather big one. In time, D9 started working on another hacks, and homebrews as he is very talented and is working with many serious players on the hacking scene. He started to put less and less effort into JTSF hack and well... it changed very much between us. I did not want to push him, but I wanted him to carry on as I was hyped as hell. In time, changelog got reduced by like 65%, and I asked him to do smaller and smaller changes. Still, I felt bad asking him to work on it, we were making like 3/4 month breaks with this hack but everytime he told me that he will have like 2 weeks for JTSF to finish it something else popped up.

I understand him, and I understand me. Currently the hack is more than playable, there is title screen menu, reworked player control a big, faster elevators, saves - somehow implemented is also counting time for speed runs, secret cheat menu and much more. We planned to make 2 difficulty levels not very different but still.

And it is dead for like a few years now. I know D9 disassembled the game and worked rather on disassembled code. That's all I can tell you.

Most important, it is very important hack for me and I am writing it for someone and myself to have even more fun with that great game so I would like to talk to people if there will be any with big experience in hacking so we can carry on. Hope some hacking gurus will be interested.

Currently the goal is to finish what has been started to make hack stable and playable - adding anything new is not an option as this baby it practically dead by now. I need someone to ressurect it. Please help.

I probably lost latest version somewhere but can search for it so someone more experienced than me can finish it.

Hi there rom hackers! Maybe some of you remember that I'm the author of Journey to Silius Plus V1 hack. Some liked it, some didn't; still, many of you had some fun playing it :happy:

As you can see in topic, I don't plan to release V2 version of my hack. As I was joined by Dizzy9, very talented NES hacker from our local Polish NES hacking community we are going to make something much, much bigger 8)

The case is, none of us are is good in creating kicking ass music and graphics so we're searching for someone to help us out. It's a good chance for authors of the best projects to make it to ending credits of leading Journey to Silius hack.

You are free to do what you want but do it good. You can create completely new music theme or make ass kicking remix - your choice; same with title screen, there must be "Journey to Silius Forever" written and a few menu entries(like entry1, entry2, entry3 - the winner will be contacted via private message and we will discuss suggestion of changes and real menu entries). Dizzy9 is completely rewriting the title screen so feel free to show all your potential. Title screen can be animated of course, it's up to you.

We plan to release the hack in 3/4 months; we don't rush so you have some time guys.

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Personal Projects / Journey to Silius Plus
« on: January 07, 2012, 04:10:48 pm »
I sure am happy to introduce my project to You. It aims to fix the known bugs and to make the game more attractive to players. The game itself  is also a bit harder, so the players that have played Silius for a long time and know it well - may find it interesting.

Changelog below:

- the number of lives we start the game with was increased to 5
- the number of continues was decreased to 1
- after using the continue, the number of lives was decreased to 1

- after the "game over" message, the "continue" message was transformed into "last try"
- the "exit" option of the hidden menu was transformed into "play"
- a text field was added to the title screen - thanks to Dizzy9 (thanks pal!)

- the hidden menu is reached by pressing the "B" button twice, instead of 33 times
- the number of lives may be changed
- the number of continues cannot be changed
- the "continue" was replaced with "rests"
- the number of lives may not be set to 0 - thanks to Dizzy9 (thanks pal!)

- the life drops contain twice more energy
- the life and ammo drops remain collectable 50% longer

- the sound is changed by pressing the START button at the title screen
- the music was removed from the title screen
- the title screen music is moved to the level 5

- the title screen fading was adjusted to the new sound set's length

- the look of levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 was modified
- in level 5, the screen movement speed factor was increased by 25%
- in level 4, at the mini-boss chamber - the non-existent walls were fixed

- the enemies were relocated at levels 1, 2, 3 & 5
- the ground laser guns remain hidden the half of the time they used to
- the speed of ground laser guns' laser beams was increased to the maximum
- the level 1 mini-boss's bullets flight speed was increased to the maximum
- most enemie's energy was increased

- the weapon set was modified for levels 1-3
- shotgun shot's cost increased by 50%
- the angles of shotgun's side shots were increaded by 50%
- hand gun bullets' speed increased by 14%, they are as fast as the shotgun's side shots
- the number of bullets possible to shot from the gun at once was decreased to 2
- the machine gun bullet speed increased by 15%
- the number of bullets possible to shot from the machine gun at once was decreased to 2
- the speed of laser guns shot (player's) was increased by 6,25%
- the homing missles start to look for a target 20% faster
- the number of bullets possible to shot from the rocket launcher at once was decreased to 2
- the time interval between the following rocket launcher shots was increased by 125%

- the inpropper colour of the last "S" letter's bottom at the title screen was fixed 
- the palette of the title screen was changed
- the player's colour was changed
- the palettes were changed for levels 1, 3, 4 & 5 (also in the credits)
- the final animations palette was changed


You need to patch the (U) version.

This hack took me a long time to prepare, indeed. As I am a person that has almost no knowledge about NES' assembler - I've been encouraged by a few rom hacking tutorials for FCEUX. So, step by step, I was learning how to use more and more tools provided by this emulator mostly by myself. First, I have regulated the weapons' settings, then I had some fun with music and palettes; and at last I have modified the level design and level' maps, replaced the enemies and done some relocation of those.

I would like to say big Thank You to Dizzy9 user of our local NES forum - for his help while working on this hack.

Here's the download link.

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