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Personal Projects / [NES] BattleToads (U) - bugfix
July 25, 2015, 02:47:57 PM
W.I.P., hardcore original, but without bugs:

1) fixed error in code (creates "level 4 stick bug", and possible others). (same as in 'E')
2) fixed clinger-winger for 2 players. (same as in 'E')
3) fixed Volkmire's Inferno (Fire Zone) Missiles/Rockets hit in down screen border. (same as in 'E')
4) fixed bug when player 2 can fall and die out of screen, when jump to Robo-manus boss. (same as in 'E')
5) turbo tunnel obstacles changed from pink to yellow.
6) fixed Terra tubes glitch "jump through wall" at start (same as in 'E').
7) Right+Left simultaneously no longer move toads by Y coordinate on 2d-levels.
8) fixed bug when Hornhead eat player picked by other player.
9) fixed wrong sprite when you pick player or enemy and sit down on 2d-levels (was correct only in ice caverns).
10) no more walking when sit with hold object (but this bug worked only in ice caverns, because of bug #8).
11) no longer can break game in turbo tunnel, if die on bike without taking checkpoint.
12) fixed various bugs when player 2 throw player 1 at the same time as get hit from enemy (same as in 'J').
13) when player re spawns he's no longer do last animation (example: die in water with special movement in surf city).
14) when player take damage while taken by slug, it's correctly unlinks. (same as in 'E')
15) when slug killed with a stick while hold other player, it's correctly unlinks.
16) when slug hold one player, it can't start hold other player.
17) no more two slug's on one player at once.
18) stick now dropped when slug hold player.
19) slug #id in player state clears on checkpoint restart (if one player dies, while other taken by slug).
20) you can't throw other player through ceiling in Terra tubes. (same as in 'E')
21) corrected ice caverns moving horizontal platform hit-box. (sprite center position)
22) sit style for all 2d levels, except ice caverns, changed to Revolution (level 12) /BTDD style - when toad sit down it stops moving, and no running bug allowed, but still can move by 1 pix step.

bugs under question:
electricity glitch/trick (immune to electricity)
rat kill glitch (level end)
- the only reason no to fix them because of difficulty increasing.
running while sit bug in Ice Caverns too, but without lose speed when sit down (for that also need find a way to fix it).

noted bugs:
incorrect sprite mask for player taken by other player in terra tubes (on tubes joint).
a way to stuck in Terra tubes if get hit from shark on while on propeller (fixed in Rematch)
toad sprite position on jet's (fixed in Rematch)

Leave your opinion or other bugs that needs to be fixed.
Personal Projects / my r0mh4cking projects..
December 20, 2011, 11:03:56 AM