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Some background:
The game is called Elemental Arts and it is made by a company called Baroque.  It was made for windows 98 but is working just fine for me on 7 x64.  I've been messing around with it recently and it seems it will only need pointer hacking to be translated.  All the text is uncompressed shift-jis and I have the archives figured out.  Elemental Arts is an SRPG in the same style as Final Fantasy Tactics.  In fact at one time it seems an english version was in the works and it was called Final Tactics.  There was a demo of it floating around the internet at one time.  It was created by a korean company that no longer exists and had pretty awful english.

I have a txt file here which is the first small section of the game.  Its just a text file with unicode encoding.  Open office said it was something like 480 words?  Not sure if that is accurate.  It doesn't look like a lot anyway.  I've put a few notes in the text file for context but it is the first lines of text from the game so there isn't much context really.  I'm hoping I can get someone to translate this first small bit so I can get it inserted, see if I have the pointers all figured out like I think I do, and post some pics or a video in the help wanted section.  Hopefully I can drum up some interest and get a translator and translate the whole game. 

Some background on me:
Since I'm new here, first post and all,  I don't want anyone who may be interested in helping to think I'm not trying to go somewhere with this or not being honest.  If it helps ease your mind I have done some very minor stuff in the past.  A program for Ys Felghana, and a simple hex edit to Ys Origin and Napishtim to get them to display the gameworld in widescreen without stretching.  These can be found in the Ancient Land of Ys forums. I have also made a widescreen mod for the game Chantelise. You can find that here.

Thanks for your time.

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