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Newcomer's Board / [GB] Final Fantasy Legend II Hacking
January 15, 2019, 07:06:29 PM
Hello everyone, Break here

Reaching out today to ask about the Gameboy game "Final Fantasy Legend II"

Currently looking into was to hack/edit this game a bit

And was wondering if there are any resources available ?

I hear it is possible to use a hex editing program to edit saves

But I am looking to edit the base game.

Again, I hope our community can help me get started on this quest.

Will check back for replies each day around 5:00pm USA- Central Time 
Hello, it's that time again, I am making this post to inform everyone here that I am hosting another online pokemon x/y double tournament  ^_^"

Even though it was my first time hosting one, it had a huge turn out of talented trainers. 

Apparently, many of the entrants enjoyed how I ran the tournament and have asked me to host another one. 

This time I am offering lots of prizes for all of the entrants to enjoy !

Anyhow, it is an open/public tournament that will be starting friday (March 14th)

* so you all are welcome to sign up *

Oh, and I would really appreciate some feedback for future improvement !!
Gaming Discussion / A quick december tournament...
December 04, 2013, 01:36:20 PM
Hello everyone, just letting you all know that i will be host my first pokemon x/y double tournament  ^_^"

I looked into to hosting one here...but it seems it will prove tricky without prior experience.

Anyhow, it is an open/public tournament that will be starting next monday (December 9th)

* so you all are welcome to sign up *

Oh, and I would really love feedback for future improvement !!
ROM Hacking Discussion / Romancing SaGa 3 Hack !?.
April 30, 2012, 08:27:51 PM
has anyone here heard about this ?

youtube link:

it looks like a group a japanese people did a really huge romhack of romancing saga 3 for the SNES !! 

i have the patch and game now...and it is very almost ridiculous amount of content has been added to this game  >_<"

this hack is all in japanese...though very fun to play...if anyone is interested in helping translate this SNES hack into english, please shoot me a message !!
Hack Name: Pokemon red proud eyes edition V2

Hack of: Pokemon Red US/EU (GameBoy)


Hello everyone, Break here with an update to my old romhack "Pokemon red proud eyes edition".  I am still very new to this is really a personal project I have been working on in my free time. 


This hack has the same storyline as the dialogue has been changed. 


-The type of pokemon that appear on the title screen have been updated
-Your rival's party pokemon have been updated depending on your starting pokemon at different points in the game
-All of the gym leaders & elite 4's pokemon and moves have been updated
-Upon defeating a gym leader, you get 3 of their TMs instead of 1
-All of the casino prizes and coin costs have been updated
-The in-game trades you can do have been updated throughout the game
-Pokemarts have gotten a major update, so they feel more personalized 
-And even more extensive wild pokemon edit this time, so you are now able to catch them all in one game 



Progress ( Complete )

Title Screen - 100%
Rival's Party - 100%
Gym Leaders - 100%
Elite 4 - 100%
Casino Prizes - 100%
Pokemarts - 100%
Wild Pokemon - 100%

Download Patch

Credits - for letting me host my images - for letting me upload gameplay footage of my romhack - for letting me host my patch for download - for creating the Lunar ISP tool - for helping me understand how to use this tool (Nightcrawler) - for creating the editors to make my romhack - for testing my original romhack and giving me lots of feedback


email -
twitter - @Proud_Eyes
facebook -
youtube -
Personal Projects / Pokemon red VGC EX plus Alpha edition
December 07, 2011, 01:28:34 PM
Pokemon - Red VGC EX plus Alpha edition ( December 2011 )

* gameboy romhack of pokemon red US/EU *

this is the final version of the romhack i made of "pokemon red" for the gameboy entertainment system !!

just to give a brief overview of what i changed:

1. edited the types of pokemon that appear on the title screen

2. edited the types of pokemon your rival collects at different points in the game ( only the starter is the same )

3. edited some of the gym leaders / elite 4's pokemon and some of their moves

4. gym leaders give you the same TMs upon defeat...but you get 6 instead of 1 ( you can sell extra's for money )

5. edited the casino prizes and cost ( different pokemon and items )

6. edited all of the in-game trades ( you get porygon instead of jynx )

7. edited the types of items all of the pokemarts sell ( most shops carry TMs now )

8. did a major edit of all of the wild pokemon encounters ( makes it a lot more fun to catch em' all )

i would like to thank "swamperttools" and "Harrison" for their wonderful romhacking tools !!


* i have additional information on my youtube channel *

youtube link:


here is the patch for the game : 

* thanks again really helped me figure things out *